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Posted on June 19, 2012

Mr Brent Randall, the CEO of Wealth Dynamics Limited told journalists about a new investment plan at a recently held press-conference. This time the company intends to invest in the Oil market in Venezuela.

The oil market provides a range of options for the would-be investor. The potential oil supply in Venezuela is enormous. Venezuela is among the 10 countries that have the largest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world.  If the country certifies the extra-heavy oil reserves of the Orinoco River basin, amounting to 236 billion barrels, according to PDVSA, it will take first place in the world with reserves of liquid hydrocarbons, surpassing Saudi Arabia.
In 1990 Venezuela provided an opportunity for private investors to participate in their  projects. This policy contributed to the creation of 32 operating contracts (DOE) with 22 foreign oil companies, including well known companies like Chevron, BP and Total. These companies exploited oil fields, and PDSVA paid for their services and acquired the oil at market prices. Venezuela invited national oil companies from Brazil, Iran, China, India, Belarus, Russia to certificate and develop these resources.

Outside the Middle East, Venezuela has the largest amount of oil – about 7% of global oil reserves.  President Hugo Chavez has predicted $ 120 billion of foreign investment in joint oil projects in the Orinoco River basin in the next seven years .After the renewal of Russian–Venezuelan relations, Russian oil companies rushed to Venezuela. Market development promises to be a beneficial project for Russian companies.  Its internal rate of return should reach 19% – much higher than in Russia.
Some experts believe that in the near future, the main investors in the oil industry of Venezuela will be China and Russia, whose projects over the next 25 years will contribute about $ 40 billion of investment.

However, potential investors can be frightened by the instability of the oil market in Venezuela and the threat of nationalization. The oil market can be very confusing even for a professional. This sector is very attractive for investors as it offers excellent returns, but it often proves to be high-risk one. Wealth Dynamics Limited provides a full range of investment services in the oil industry. We always meet the requirements of our customers and can give you all the necessary information about your chosen area. We can guarantee you a reliable and safe investment.

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