Potard Trading Limited creates the basement for its future

Posted on July 18, 2016

Last year has been a hard one for Cyprus economy. The prices for real estate has fallen down dramatically. Potard Trading Limited acts on depressed market.

Current situation on real estate market of Cyprus is hard. The state experiences hard stage of its development implementing unpopular anti-crises measures. Within 2013 the sales volume decreased by 40%. 2012 also turned out to be more profitable in terms of real estate acquisitions made by foreign residents. Market fall can be seen in all areas of the country. Nicosia has seen the fall in price reaching 50% point. Paphos suffered less damaged than any other area of the state due to strong interest paid by Chinese customers. The forthcoming year is very unlikely to bring any drastic changes. The measures taken have not affected the economy state yet. Cyprus is still in the focus of interest, but the banks are not that happy about issuing loans and mortgage programs are not that accessible.

Potard Trading

This tendency yet is a great opportunity for overseas capital holders. The market of real estate has seen significant inflow of capital from interested parties coming from Asia, Canada and the US. With the price being down it is a perfect moment to acquire high-end real estate object at low price and wait till the assets located on Cyprus regain their value. This island is an offshore zone and quite popular resort area. Analysts of Potard Trading Limited believe that Cyprus experiences temporary ill effects and recovery will come to this area in the end. Those who seek to get high yields in short terms have nothing to do here and should consider other locations. By investing in real estate object on Cyprus it would be wise to expect stable income in no less than 5 years. Still Potard Trading Limited seems to be satisfied with the current situation as it has not slowed down its investment paces and increased the share of the capital streamed in commercial sector of lodging market.

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