Boezem Estates Limited states that Scottish market is back

Posted on November 17, 2016

The statistics shows that the real estate market of Scotland makes its way back to the world stage showing more than 2,500 deals last year.

The housing sphere of Scotland has been gradually improving and declared its return in spring 2013. High-end property units located in Scotland became the target of local clients and foreign investors once again. Unlike other areas of the EU like Great Britain or France Scottish real estate market grounds on internal rather than on external demand. Increase of purchasing power fueled the housing market. Seeing the tendency and improvements local dwellers decided not to postpone the hous purchase any more so winter of 2012 – 2013 was a true sale boom.

Boezem Estates

Present real estate market of this European market has wide range of inventory and unlike London property can offer stable and sustainable demand. This fact also results in reasonable prices. The experts expect the property to gain its value further yet it is very unlikely to see supply-demand gap as it happened in Britain.

Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Glasgow can offer exclusive real estate solutions. Since late 2012 foreign clients gradually returned to these cities increasing the high-end sales rate by 25% annually. The average unit price in Aberdeen currently is at the point of £215,000.

Having experience of investing in luxury property units Boezem Estates Limited also plans to enter this market to refresh its portfolio and diversify the capital. Currently the company is working to open its local headquarters in Glasgow to offer higher level of accessibility. Boezem Estates Limited representative gave no comments on the target customer groups. On its domestic market the company has been paying attention to both external and internal demand, yet with insignificant advantage of the first group.

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