Adam Albrecht embracing life, blogging and the ad industry

Adam Albrecht blogs about his life lessons while he is growing his Milwaukee ad agency.

Adam Albrecht embracing life, blogging and the ad industry

Arriving at the airport to catch a flight between Milwaukee and Florida, things kept going wrong.

Milwaukee advertising agency owner had trouble finding parking, his key fob was lost, his mobile ticket wasn't working, and someone was sitting in his seat. Albrecht's blog, which focuses on self-improvement and creativity, was able to use this material.

Albrecht's headline on his post about his airport experience was: "Here's a more positive way to look at a bad day."

Albrecht is always upbeat and it's difficult to imagine that he could have a bad day. Albrecht balances with skill and energy his blog writing and cultivating his seven-year-old company, which includes clients such as UW Credit Union and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Albrecht stated during an interview in the downtown offices The Weaponry LLC that he was enthusiastic about the people, life and making the most out of the time we have.

Albrecht, 49 said that he was born high-energy and limits his caffeine intake.

The Weaponry has 13 employees in Milwaukee and Columbus and a 50% increase in revenue in 2022. Albrecht explained that the growth was due to expanding work with current clients and gaining new ones.

Albrecht, a University of Wisconsin-Madison grad, worked in the creative agency world for Cramer-Krasselt Milwaukee before moving on to larger firms in Columbus and Atlanta. Albrecht, who held a leadership role at the Moxie Agency in Atlanta when he decided to open his own agency after encouragement from clients.

He founded The Weaponry in spring 2016 and moved his firm and family to the metro Milwaukee area in fall 2016. Albrecht and his wife Dawn were looking for a place to live that was between their parents and Milwaukee seemed like the perfect size metro area to grow a business and raise a family.

Albrecht's name is not connected to firearms. Albrecht said the name is based on his agency's ability of delivering clients a variety of strategies and tactic with the tagline 'the human mind is the most powerful weapon in the world'

Albrecht stated that the name "jumped off of the page" because it sounded badass.

Chris Dawson, a former Bombardier Recreational Products marketing manager, was one of Albrecht's clients. He urged him to open his own firm. Albrecht and Dawson met while Albrecht was working at Cramer-Krasselt, where he handled the creative duties for BRP’s Ski-Doo line of snowmobiles.

Albrecht also added BRP Sea-Doo and Can-Am Spyder watercrafts. Albrecht was hired by Dawson for a launch of a residential solar, energy storage, and services company, Sunburn Inc.

Dawson said, 'He was astonished by his ability to understand human needs and desires, and then connect them with business outcomes.' It was something special.

Anne Norman, senior vice president of UW Credit Union in Madison, Wisconsin said that a consultant had recommended Albrecht as a creative agency to refresh the brand for 2018.

She said Albrecht brought with him experience, high standards and talent from large ad agencies. He made a good first impression.

Norman said that he had an unending amount of energy, optimism and passion. He's one of those people who can walk into a space and capture it.

Albrecht also carries a business card for his motivational speaking and writing. He has compiled 80 of Albrecht's blogs into the book 'What does your fortune cookie say?', which will be released in December 2021.

Albrecht said that despite his love of writing and speaking, these pursuits would remain as a sideline in comparison to the focus he has on his ad agency.

Albrecht stated that the growth of The Weaponry has drawn interest from potential buyers and investors. Albrecht said that he disliked his previous experience working at a private equity owned ad agency and is not interested in discussing the sale.

He said, 'I enjoy this too much. There's nothing else I'd prefer to be doing at the moment.' I'm blessed to have enough energy to go to work each day. I love what we do, our clients and employees.