Investors buy insurers for dividends. then when hague-based aegon slashed its interim payout by 60 per cent on thursday, the stock ended up being pummelled. after a drop of 14 per cent, the share cost features fallen back into november 1991 levels.

Some kind of cut was foreseeable. going to the reporting season, aegons 11 percent 2020 dividend yield was a lot higher than its colleagues. the typical for european life insurers ended up being 7 percent, says ubs. but new boss lard friese, which moved from dutch peer nn group just 3 months ago, took harder action than many expected.

Its key united states subsidiary which last year produced over fifty percent of this groups cashflow has actually experienced defectively from the pandemic. while just 34m offirst-half life claims might be right pinned on covid-19, demise certificates try not to provide the complete photo. greater statements and reduced interest levels pressed down first-half fundamental pre-tax profits by 31 per cent. aegon also took costs of more than 1bn, as a consequence of gloomier assumptions on interest rates, mortality rates and ill-health.

The care is justified. typically, many of the teams issues stemmed from rosy objectives of robustreturns on corporate bonds and optimistic projections about wellness improvements. as an organization which includes to reinvest 5bn yearly, every 100 basis-points decline in interest levels cuts pre-tax earnings by about 50m. duplicated disappointments over new remedies for alzheimers additionally justify paring back expected advantages to its long-lasting treatment business.

Investors will hope that adopting much more conventional assumptions will end unwanted shocks. aegons reputation for volatile profits is one reason its shares are respected just 4.6 times earnings. but much hinges on the brand new dividend plan, which just like the remaining portion of the strategy will never be revealed untildecember. weary investors is only able to hope that the bad development is going in the great outdoors. with a new employer in charge, there clearly was little motivation to soften the blow.

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