Are 'Woke' Companies Sponsoring Golf Pros That Fly Around In Private Jets?

The Masters tournament is underway and private jets are flying in and out of Augusta Regional Airport.

On Sunday, the weather-delayed Masters at Augusta National will resume. The third round will continue at 0830 ET. The final round will begin at noon if there are no more issues. Pros who have corporate sponsorships embroidered on their golf swag are just doing business as usual. : Views from The Masters Golf Tournament in Augusta, Georgia

AGS was transformed into a parking area for jets ahead of the tournament. This week, Augusta Regional Airport received 3/4 of all the private jets.






Masters at Augusta Regional Airport in full swing! Private jets, as far as the eye can view

It is possible that golf pros who fly in private jets for work may not be portrayed as a positive image. Give more money to Dylan Mulvaney, trans-TikTok's influencer, to increase social credit scores...