How much could you spend to own reheated food on a grounded airplane? in singapore, as it happens, to $474 for lunch.

Asian airlines faced with hopeless times have turned to imaginative problem resolving. they might quickly find a way to save some company while awaiting a return to normality.

Singapore airlines sold-out of chairs in a grounded airbusa380 at changi airport where people had been served meal. the offer, priced from $40 in coach to more than $400 for a first course suite, ended up being greatly preferred, prompting the flight to include a dinner service. any using empty airplanes on tarmac is good news. at least, it's going to keep consitently the brand name in peoples minds.

Still, those incomes does bit to offset plunging earnings for airline. singapore uploaded accurate documentation $820m net loss into the 90 days to june, most hot dishes. peers are putting up with also. hong kongs cathay pacific recorded a $1.3bn first-half web loss.

Most asian countries currently enforce strict two-week quarantine rules. the outlook of per month off action (including quarantine on return) made travellers shun cross-border travel.

But a fully planned air travel bubble between singapore and hong-kong could change things. travellers including tourists will never need quarantine upon arrival in the two locations should they try unfavorable when it comes to coronavirus before boarding.

Thailand is within speaks with china to setup a similar arrangement. hong kong is within advanced conversations about reopening its edge to mainland asia. as more nations are included in bubble, airline travel could restore much prior to when expected. that hope features accomplished the apparently impossible a-sharp rise in fares by as much as 40 percent. thursdays statement gave cathay pacific stocks a 10 percent lift.

This may perhaps not console shareholders when you look at the two airlines both of which trade at less than half guide price after steep decreases. but at the very least it signals an encouraging change.

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