Barclays accused amanda staveley of merely inventing element of her evidence once the businesswoman was cross-examined for a 4th day in a higher legal trial.

Ms staveley is testifying in a civil lawsuit she brought against barclays for so-called deceit throughout the regards to an investment by qatar in october 2008 that helped the lender escape a federal government bailout. barclays denies wrongdoing.

On tuesday, ms staveley, who was leading a synchronous investment by abu dhabi, told the tall court in london of a crucial 6.15am fundraising meeting on october 31 2008 at barclays canary wharf headquarters, where in actuality the financial institutions former chief executive john varley talked briefly by telephone to sheikh mansour whilst the abu dhabi royal had been planning to board a helicopter in kazakh wilderness.

Ms staveley told the high court that following the conference finished she ended up being reassured by roger jenkins, after that barclays president of middle east banking, that qatar and abu dhabi were receiving exactly the same price inspite of the last-minute disclosure of a 66m cost being paid to qatar.

Mr jenkins reassured me personally it was a cost from summer [an early in the day barclays fundraising] in addition they hadnt paid it. qatar ended up being throwing up a fuss, ms staveley testified in a number of fiery exchanges on tuesday with jeffery onions qc, barclays barrister.

Mr onions shared with her: you've got completely invented this tale. ms staveley responded: im absolutely mad you have said that. i happened to be surprised and worried. mr onions later added: mr jenkins said none of the. you are merely inventing it.

Barclays claims the 66m cost had been compensated because qatars sheikh hamad had introduced sheikh mansour to the 2008 barclays capital raising.

Ms staveley was also inquired about a telephone call between by herself and mr jenkins on october 29 2008 as pressure from barclays installed on her company, pcp, to finalise its buyer consortium.

She testified that the call started off being friendly but mr jenkins ended up being mix and his tone became very menacing therefore disturb me. she told the tall court: from the the call well and i also called my dad a while later in tears. the pressure had been amazing. but we could only get as quickly as we could go.

Ms staveley was cross-examined in forensic detail in regards to the events lately 2008 by barclays barrister, who has accused the woman of inconsistencies inside her experience declaration including giving incorrect dates for group meetings and omitting that pcp had been thinking about buying a stake in information corp. the actual situation continues.