Braze Stock Earns Relative Strength Rating Upgrade

Braze, a customer engagement platform, has seen improving technical performance and has been upgraded in Relative Strength Rating.

On Tuesday, Braze's (BRZE) Relative strength rating improved from 70 to 77.

Pay attention to the relative strength of prices when choosing stocks to watch and buy.

This proprietary rating shows how the price movements of stocks over the past 52 weeks compare to those of other stocks in our database.

Market research over the years has shown that top performing stocks have an RS rating of 80 or more when they start their biggest price movements. Braze's stock may continue to recover and reach that benchmark.

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The Braze stock rose earlier due to better than expected Q4 fiscal results in 2023, but it has now fallen below its previous 35.60 entry after a consolidation. When a stock that you are watching, breaks through a buy-point and then falls 7% or higher below its original entry price is considered to be a failed basis. Wait for the stock's new consolidation and breakout. Keep in mind that a recent pattern may be a late-stage base. This makes it more risky to add to or start a new trade.

In its latest quarterly report, the customer-engagement software firm reported a 0% growth in earnings while sales grew by 40%.

Braze stock is ranked No. 60 among its peers in the Computer Software-Enterprise industry group. Braze stock is ranked No. 60 amongst its peers within the Computer Software-Enterprise group. Asure Software and Salesforce (CRM), two of the highest-rated stocks in the group, are also included.

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