Celebrate Easter with a taste of ginger-lime chicken

This is a recipe for shrimp scampi.

Celebrate Easter with a taste of ginger-lime chicken

Musk to Visit China This Weekend. Stop by Tesla Unit

According to sources familiar with the plans, Elon Musk will visit China starting Saturday. He may also stop by Tesla Inc.'s Shanghai plant. The visit of Musk would occur at a time when tensions are high between China and America. It could be over anything from an alleged Chinese spy plane being shot down above American skies to Beijing's relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin during his country's war against Ukraine.

Top Rung at New-age Cos Faces Pay Freeze

Many startups and ecommerce businesses are likely to freeze senior managers' salaries during appraisals. This is in response to increasing cost-cutting measures that they need to stay afloat in a financially difficult environment.

If you buy Ads Online, it is likely that you will pay more

If you have seen a Facebook ad for Jeremy's Razors recently, which claims to be a 'woke-free razor for men', then you might be a father with school-aged children who enjoy Ultimate Fighting, Hershey’s chocolate, hunting, or Johnny Cash. This information is based on Facebook's Ad Library, which lists the target audiences for advertisers.