Hello, everyone else. that is kenji from hong-kong, where in actuality the pandemic seems to be abating and also the social-distancing rules will likely to be additional calm from friday allowing six people to eat collectively until 2am. even though the virus may be weakening here, the sino-us tech rivalry is certainly maybe not a layout our big tale digs into with the latest development in chinas electronic currency. here, asia is apparently ahead of the pack but this may be another good reason why washington is wanting to hold back beijings chipmaking dream (mercedes top).

We additionally witness several windfalls from the ongoing rivalry, such as taiwans embrace of microsoft (mercedes listing). but there are a few who buck the trend, eg yukio sakamoto, a 73-year-old japanese processor chip expert assisting asia establish its very own dram business (most useful of opinion).we also have a great read on a fight between indian tycoon mukesh ambani and united states technology giant amazon (art associated with price). on a final note, i do want to send my condolences to the family of the guy just who brought samsung to your center of international technology phase, which you yourself can learn about when you look at the spotlight section.

China is leading the entire world in efforts to launch a nationwide digital currency. an effort making use of the central banks electronic prototype features found many prepared members while authorities tend to be moving on brand new use features and devising standards for electronic wallets to fight counterfeits, compose nikkei staff authors iori kawate and yuta saito.

In a testinshenzhen from october 12 to 18, 47,573participants invested a lot more than rmb8.76m ($1.3m) of digital money. these types of trials are caused by go-ahead in 28 urban centers, including beijing, tianjin, shanghai, guangzhou and chongqing. asia aims to officially introduce the digital renminbi before it hosts the 2022 winter olympics.

Key ramifications: chinas efforts to digitise the renminbi, utilizing the peoples bank of asia processing over 80 patents,have galvanised various other nations to follow along with match.

The fts martin sandbu predicted that a digital euro would-be established by the end of 2025. the usa federal reserve can also be working on a central bank electronic money. the financial institution of japan has said that it'll begin testing a central lender digital money during the early fiscal 2021.

Upshot: chinas lead-in devising and popularising its electronic money has raised alarm in the us, european countries and japan that beijing could become thedominant force behind the technologies and frameworks taking part in digital currencies.

Yukio sakamoto, a 73-year-old japanese chipmaking company veteran, final fall took a senior vice-president position at tsinghua unigroup, a number one chinese high-tech conglomerate affiliated with the renowned tsinghua university, writes ken koyanagi, nikkei asias editor-at-large. their part will be oversee the starting of a dram memory-chip production company.

It appeared to be a striking decision as well as perhaps an ill-conceived move taking into consideration the us-china technology rivalry ended up being developing nastier. the usa consistently toss one punch after another at chinese technology teams huawei and semiconductor manufacturing overseas corp, making the thought of releasing a chipmaking business in asia appear overwhelming.

But mr sakamoto continues to be upbeat.

Our company is surviving in a world in which latecomers have actually a better possiblity to meet up with incumbent leaders, he informed nikkei asia. because semiconductor technology is advancing much more slowly these days once the smallness of transistors is nearing limits regarding physics and optics.

Mr sakamoto is speaing frankly about the longer-term customers for china to produce its silicon wafer fabrication skills and technical capabilities for domestically providing chipmaking products, equipment and computer software.

He was known merely whilst the president among samsung employees, just who rarely caught picture of him. however for 26 many years, the publicity-shy lee kun-hee, who's got died aged 78,held unchallenged expert on the south korean group.

Lee is paid with switching samsung into a world leader in numerous areas but particularly in technology and smartphones. he had been no stranger to drastic activity, as shown by their burning of defective phones in a bonfire.

The company had been a player into the international technology scene when he took control in 1987 but it became the greatest of south koreas chaebol. less than two years after being written off as an also-ran in race to make smartphones, samsung overtook apple in 2011 in order to become the global frontrunner by product product sales.

Most analysts state his 52-year-old boy lee jae-yong will see it extremely difficult to oversee growth coordinating compared to yesteryear 2 full decades.

When a typical middle-class indian child stores online, he thinks about amazon, not local billionaire mukesh ambanis reliance retail or jio mart. mr ambani understands it, which is the reason why their reliance industries has actually tried to choose the stores and warehouses of future group, indias second-largest merchant, write stephanie findlay and anjli raval for the ft.

But jeff bezos, determined to steadfastly keep up amazons dominant place in an important growth market, has actually other tips. the usa tech team filed a complaint attached to the $3.4bn bargain that reliance hit with future group in august. on sunday, the singapore overseas arbitration centre granted an urgent situation interim order in amazons favor. the offer is on hold until your final decision is offered.

Amazon, which obtained an indirect minority risk when you look at the retail and style conglomerate just last year, alleged that futures sale of their retail, wholesale, logistics and warehousing companies to reliance breached its pre-existing agreement with amazon, including the right of first provide and a non-compete term. the deal is on hold until a final decision is offered.

One thing is clear, mr ambani is after what mr bezos features. the arbitration purchases the us billionaire time although skirmish is another setback for amazon in asia. reliance, that is making big moves in the united states of 1.3bn, has got the advantageous asset of becoming on right side of an evergrowing tide of protectionist guidelines in india. mr bezos might find that slowing down the reliance development winds up as a pyrrhic triumph.

South korean organizations grab over fifty percent of international nand and dram production

Last week #techasia profiled the $9bn purchase of intels nand memory business to southern koreas sk hynix much more evidence of the flurry of m&a activity in semiconductor sector. right here nikkei asia stops working the acquisition more.

The consolidation may also nudge the nand flash memory sector towards becoming much more profitable for players. it is difficult for producers to make a great revenue with six people contending fiercely. in comparison, the market for dram memory chips, which are trusted in computers to store data temporarily, is ruled by three makers southern koreas samsung and sk, and micron technology of this us. all three generally speaking make healthier earnings from that part.