The household that settings canadian telecoms business cogeco on sunday evening rebuffed a sweetened $8.4bn (c$11.1bn) dangerous bid from patrick drahis united states cable operation altice united states of america.

Louis audet, the executive president of cogeco, said that his family members was not interested in selling its stocks.

People in the audet family members unanimously decline this additional suggestion, mr audet said. because this is obviously not registering with rogers and altice, we repeat these days that is not a negotiating strategy, but a definitive refusal.

Gestion audem, the audet household business that holds 69 per cent of voting legal rights of cogeco, had refused a $7.8bn quote last month from mr drahis altice united states of america and canadian telecoms team rogers communications.

Mr drahi is trying to combine cogecos united states subsidiary atlantic broadband with altice usa to give it better heft as it competes with competitors including comcast, charter and verizon.

Atlantic is amongst the largest us cable and broadband providers and matters 450,000 residential and company consumers across 11 states on the east coastline.

Rogers communications features recommended purchasing cogecos canadian possessions for $4.55bn. rogers is one of the biggest holders of subordinate stocks of cogeco as well as its subsidiary cogeco communications, which both trade openly in toronto.

The audet household would get $682m for his or her numerous courses of stocks in the company when they accept the bid, according to altice usa. the united states cable organization had agreed to spend c$123 to subordinate voting shareholders in cogeco inc and c$150 to subordinate shareholders of cogeco communications.

Dexter goei, chief executive of altice united states of america, said the revised provide had followed conversations with cogeco investors.

We encourage the cogeco panels to behave inside best interest of all shareholders and stakeholders because they thoughtfully think about this provide, and we respectfully request that boards engage with united states to discuss our suggestion, he included.

Altice said it would rescind the takeover provide if it might perhaps not see an obvious road forward to a package by november 18. it included it hoped to complete the takeover within nine months of signing an acquisition contract.

A representative for cogeco directed media requests toward statement from gestion audem and declined to comment further.

Shares of cogeco inc rallied whenever 34 per cent in the days after altice initially revealed its quote for the organization in early september. the advance has-been mostly erased considering that the offer was denied.

The stewardship the audet family has provided to the corporations over the last 63 many years features allowed the corporations to cultivate and prosper, mr audet included.