Despite not having a distinctive position regarding the property on US market all experts still have common thought that it is right time to start investing in US housing market.

Optimists forecast the stabilization of US real estate market and gradual growth of the prices to pre-crisis marks. Such experts say that the property has already reached the bottom and it simply cannot be worse. Apart from that, thanks to stable demand of foreign customers brings life and price increase.

The other point of view states that it can and it would be worse. Such analysts state that the market will remain at the bottom as long as the second wave of the crisis may come soon. The banks changed their credit and mortgage policy of the demand for property among US citizens will not grow.

In any case, both variants are appropriate for Conima Estates LLC. Right now the company evaluates the perspectives available on the market. Even if the prices will go up in distant future experts of Conima Estates LLC still consider this as a good capital placement. The USA is one of the strongest economies of the world, so the market stabilization is just a matter of time. Also Conima Estates LLC has extensive database of clients with many of them being interested in real estate solutions located in the USA. In any scenario Conima Estates LLC will get the demand for acquired property. In the nearest future the company may start preparations for market entrance process.

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