COTE Capital Announces 'IP Capital Fund' to Accelerate the Return of Advanced U.S. Manufacturing

New Funding Round for Nanocarbon and its end product applications will scale groundbreaking efficiencies in manufacturing solar cells, semiconduct...

COTE Capital Announces 'IP Capital Fund' to Accelerate the Return of Advanced U.S. Manufacturing

New Funding Round for Nanocarbon and its end product applications will scale groundbreaking efficiencies in manufacturing solar cells, semiconductors, and other electronic devices to be 'Made in America'NEW YORK, Jan. 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- COTE Capital announced the launch of its $250 million IP Capital Fund with an initial investment of $50 million in Boston-based Nano-C to supply the capital needed to scale manufacturing capacity and operations to meet fast growing demand for Nanocarbon and its end product applications in high growth markets. This capital influx and expansion will position Nano-C to exceed $300 million in revenues by 2027 and put the company on track to reach a multibillion-dollar enterprise valuation."With Nano-C, we see how the application of Nanocarbon can revolutionize many Industries, drive greater efficiency, and, most importantly, play a pivotal role in reviving our manufacturing sector," said Robert Cote, Founder and CEO of COTE.COTE's investment in Nano-C is part of a broader Mission at COTE that includes investments of IP Capital in many other companies with breakthrough innovations that will enable the return of domestic manufacturing and reverse the effects of offshoring and short-termism.

Global competition from China and conflicts that we cannot predict, and supply chain challenges that put our national security at risk, make it imperative that we revive our manufacturing base and build new groundbreaking products.COTE to provide broad access to these investment opportunities to accredited investors through a series of successive IP Capital Funds of increasing size that match its deal flow, with the support of a consortium of humanitarian funds, private family offices, and pension funds as "market makers" who wish to see rapid growth in IP Capital use. Nano-C's immediate markets for engineered Nanocarbon and its end product applications include:Turning every surface in homes, offices, vehicles into a solar panel – Solar coatings and films have been developed with Nanocarbon for application and integration into the windows and walls of homes, office buildings, and commercial vehicles for generating electricity. These solar coatings can be made truly transparent and generate electricity from sunlight and ambient light that otherwise would go wasted – a breakthrough that will play a major role in meeting U.S.

and global needs for renewable energy. And because Nanocarbon enabled devices capture more of the light spectrum than traditional silicon solar cells, even the output of traditional solar panels can be increased by up to 50%.Bringing back advanced semiconductor manufacturing. The new generation of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) microchip fabrication lines depend on lithographic photoresists and hard masks for etching the silicon transistors that make chips function.

These EUV tools are in limited supply and cost $150 million to $300 million per machine. Nanocarbon photoresists and hard masks made by Nano-C in strategic partnership provide up to a 2.3x increase in chip production from the same fabrication line, so that U.S. chip manufacturers can dramatically lower the total cost of ownership of these tools and catch up with foreign competitors.Revolutionizing everyday computers, electronics and displays.

Nanocarbon has been designed into a new generation of groundbreaking image sensors to provide higher resolution digital cameras needed for use in autonomous vehicles, security, and medical imaging. Nanocarbon has also been integrated into the displays of smartphones, tablets, payment devices, for use in full hand fingerprint imaging offering up to 1000x more secure electronics with 2-5x lower cost. Nonvolatile random-access memory (NRAM) chips have also been built that require no power to hold data. NRAM extends battery life in smartphones and laptops from hours to weeks and operates far faster than existing DRAM."What makes COTE's investment exciting for Nano-C is that it's IP Capital investment model encourages investments in companies with breakthrough innovations based on deep science and engineering—deep tech—that can bring advanced U.S.

manufacturing back, it keeps equity ownership of a business in the hands of entrepreneurs and innovators, and it supports broad adoption of innovations in the world to benefit people and businesses everywhere," said Viktor Vejins, Nano-C's President and CEO. "Engineered Nanocarbon offers a multitude of innovative end product applications, and the COTE investment of IP Capital will provide the funding needed to accelerate the pace at which we can bring these innovations and their end product applications to the world. And it validates the value of our IP portfolio of 250+ patents and trade secrets, and the wealth of know-how and end product applications that they enable.""Innovation is the single most powerful force in driving economic growth and it's recession proof. That's the genius of the IP Capital model, it invests in those innovations, and it provides both the capital resources and the services for entrepreneurs and innovators to build big global companies in America and spread their innovations around the world.

That's how you get the real benefits of innovation in driving economic growth," said Robert Shapiro, an economic advisor to COTE who has guided many U.S. presidents and world leaders on innovation policies that drive economic growth.IP Capital is a simple, secure and cash flowing investment model, designed so that everyday investors can participate with COTE in changing the course of our nation. About Nano-CNano-C has managed to harness the power, flexibility, and cost-advantages of carbon – the strongest, environmentally safe and most abundant element on earth.

These materials enable devices that are more durable and lighter weight, use materials and energy with greater efficiency, and are inherently more versatile – all at a lower total cost to the end user. Nano-C unlocks "green" products and solutions that make economic sense for people and the environment. As a result, Nano-C's materials are now being used by electronics and energy leaders to usher in disruptive new products and green solutions to power our world well into the future. To learn more about Nano-C, visit: URL COTE CapitalThe Mission of COTE Capital is to find, fund, and scale a new generation of technology companies with breakthrough innovations that can deliver greener, more sustainable, more efficient manufacturing and use of products in an industry that support the return of advanced U.S.

manufacturing and that can have an impact in the world through broad adoption. Examples include: Reviving the semiconductor industry with Nanocarbon and its end products.Rebuilding the textile industry through rejuvenation of clothing waste.Transforming how we manufacture homes to solve the housing crisis.Changing the way we produce gasoline, literally by cleaning the air.Replacing toxic chemicals in agriculture and consumer products that pollute water with green biosurfactants that are much more effective and efficient.Over the next 10 years, COTE will invest billions of dollars in a new generation of breakthrough technology companies in a better way – a new paradigm – in ever increasing numbers to inspire the entrepreneurs and innovators that will build a better world for humanity and ensure our nation is not left behind.Investing in the future of America in this way with IP Capital is driven by a core belief and faith – demonstrated time and time again throughout the course of our nation's history – that the more value we create in the world through broad adoption of breakthrough innovations, the more value we create for our nation, our people, and our investors. To learn more about COTE Capital, visit: URL ContactDoug EMAIL View original content:URL.htmlSOURCE COTE Capital