Cryptocurrency Prices And News: Bitcoin Rebounds Above $30,000; Ethereum Hits $2,100

Bitcoin rebounds above $30,000 while Ethereum rally continues after network upgrade, leading to a rise in crypto prices.

Cryptocurrency News - Bitcoin and ethereum prices rose on Tuesday morning after their Monday drops.

Warren Buffett believes bitcoin is still a gambling token despite its rally this year.

MicroStrategy (MSTR)'s bitcoin bet has returned to profitability after the latest advance.

The outlook for cryptocurrency is improving amid the bank crisis. You might be surprised by the markets' rise in bitcoin.

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Bitcoin was trading near $30,300 on Tuesday morning, after recovering from its low of $29136 Monday. Bitcoin soared over $30,000 last Tuesday for the first 10 months and slid to $31,019 by late Thursday, marking its highest level since 6th June. BTC soared by 20% in March, its best month since the 38.7% gain it had recorded in January. The world's biggest cryptocurrency has risen roughly 83% this year.

Early Tuesday, Ethereum was hovering around $2,100, just below its Sunday peak, which was $2,139. This is its highest level since 15 May. Ethereum surpassed $2,000 on Thursday for the first time since May 15th, following its Shanghai upgrade into a proof-of stake network. The No. The No.

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Digital assets are volatile. Investors should not be distracted by the differences in technical indicators and fundamentals of cryptocurrency. Learn when to sell, reduce losses, or take profits. Prepare to make money if cryptocurrency begins to recover.

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