Democrats Said No One Is Coming To Take Your Gas Appliances – They Lied

This is a brief summary of an article discussing how, after the failure of Democrats to implement gun restrictions at the federal level, they have simply moved on to other avenues, such as passing legislation at the state level.

In February this year, Democrats and climate activists took advantage of a report published by an organization called

Rocky Mountain Institute

The conclusions of this paper sent alarmists into frenzy. They claimed to have evidence that gas appliances, including gas stoves, emit harmful emissions, which can cause asthma and affect cognitive development in children. The Biden Administration Department of Energy reviewed this study, and discussions grew over the possibility of a gradual ban on gas appliances.

Up to 50%

Gas stove models are available in a variety of sizes and styles.

The RMI Study turned out to yet another example of political co-opting of science for the Net Zero Agenda, which is regularly promoted by the United Nations and progressive politicians in Europe.

The study's findings were quickly debunked. The American Gas Association noted in a

Responding to a statement

The RMI tests did not include actual appliance use.


Previous literature

One study, which included data from over 500,000 children across 47 countries, found that there was "no evidence" of a link between using gas to cook and asthma symptoms or diagnosis.

Jennifer Granholm is Biden's Secretary of Energy.

Meeting privately with the leader

Jules Kortenhorst will be the president of the Rocky Mountain Institute in 2021. The institute then produced a study that contradicted all prior science regarding the health risks associated with natural gas appliances, and served the climate change policies of Biden. Granholm later backed the RMI findings, saying that:

"We must and can fix this...Through the Inflation Reduction Act [President Biden] Americans will have more access to Electric and Induction Cooktops. This keeps pollution away from home. Cooks food quicker. "Save money for families."

RMI was also the recipient of DOE funding worth millions in the past. This included a $4.4M grant in March 2022.

Various groups, including conservatives piled on pressure to get the White House abandon its plans to limit gas appliances as the truth of the RMI findings became known and the data was found to be inadequate. White House appeared to relent. Democrats screamed about the "paranoia" of conservatives and claimed that no one would be coming to steal people's gas cookers. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

The argument is that:

"This is a decision on what can be sold in the future and about regulations. OK? Just a little cooling down is all that's needed. No secret government agency will break down your door to take away your gas stove ...'

When Democrats are in a compromised position, they will often resort to this type of gaslighting. They claim that the strategy failed and was a figment of our imagination when it fails. After the Democrats failed to implement federal restrictions, they simply moved onto other avenues.

RMI's study never had anything to do with public health. It was just a way of scaring Americans into accepting climate control on gas and petroleum. It is clear that the plan is to start small with gas heaters and stoves, then move on to a complete ban or taxation of all carbon-based energy.

Several Democrat-controlled cities and states have now implemented restrictions or bans on gas appliances.

including San Francisco

LA, San Diego and Seattle. Within the next five years, these cities will phase out gas from new homes. California plans to

Gas appliances to be phased out

By 2030. Kathy Hochul, the state's governor, is close to a deal that will ban gas appliances from new homes.

By 2025

As is usually the case, progressive states and cities tend to be used as test cases by the federal government for future bans.

One only needs to look at Europe or the UK to get a sense of what the climate change authorities intend for the US. The British government is to make households more energy efficient.

Financially penalized

If they don't switch to gas as per the net zero policies that will be announced soon.

The UK Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero, said:

If we want to encourage people to switch from gas to electricity, then it is better to shift the [levies] to the gas side. It automatically improves the economics of a electric-driven economy.

Over 38% of US households use natural gas as an energy source. Energy usage is expected to increase in states such as California.

Have to plummet

If all homes were powered by electricity, the standard of living would improve (alongside other factors). Climate scientists say that global carbon standards must be met.

Population growth must be stopped

Over time, the number of humans would need to be reduced by birth control.

The fact that climate science itself is based on many inaccuracies or fallacies aside, it's impossible to shift the population from oil and gas without putting massive strain on the existing electrical grids. This would also destabilize the economy. It is possible that this is why Democrats and climate alarmists lie about their intentions, and use subversion or incrementalism to implement policy. They don't wish to have to face the real cost of their Net Zero World and risk an angry response from the public.