Hi all james in hong-kong. few individuals imagined even while recently as half a year ago your us-china technology war would get this vicious. however now the loss of huawei (huge tale) is actually a distinct chance and asia is harming various other techniques, also. undoubtedly, most tech occasions, styles and fund flows for the area are now driven by us-china tensions. see, as an example, the fts scoop on oracles curiosity about tiktok (mercedes top).

In more placid areas, the story (limelight) of how indonesians are becoming their films installed at regional convenience stores (in the place of from netflix) shows unique faculties of emerging asia. look also at how a chinese e commerce organization sold tesla automobiles on line, before the automobile manufacturer took umbrage. catch up with the way the hong kong stock exchange gets a tech makeover (smart information). be mindful until a few weeks.

United states sanctions tend to be hitting chinas 5g telecoms aspirations. huawei and zte, the countrys two largest telecommunications equipment providers, have actually slowed down installing 5g base programs in the country, write lauly li and kenji kawase in the nikkei asian assessment.

The slowdown is a byproduct of chinas de-americanisation of their supply string after washington tightened up export settings on huawei this year.

Key implications: the united states tech war against beijing is now truly harming china, with experts speaing frankly about the loss of huawei. washingtons statement recently that escalated its attack on huawei could finish the chinese company as a maker of 5g gear and smartphones, stated dan wang of gavekal analysis.

This months move additionally clobbered the share rates of asian semiconductor businesses who supply huawei. the stocks of mediatek, a chip designer that provides huaweis smartphone company, plunged above 9 per cent on tuesday. novatek microelectronics, a designer of display integrated circuit motorists, and camera lens manufacturer largan precision additionally experienced share cost declines. both companies count huawei as a vital buyer.

Upshot: the impact of us move this week along with evidence that chinas 5g system roll out is problem reveals the heft of washingtons firepower with its tech war with china.

Chinas share of international exports has-been struck by its trade dispute utilizing the us which alongside the pandemic, corporate governance demands as well as the rise of synthetic cleverness is pushing multinational businesses to cut back their particular reliance upon the asian powerhouse, writes kathrin hille when it comes to ft in taipei.

Just last year, chinese exports of 1,200 services and products accounted for 22 % regarding the worlds exports, 3 percentage things upon the last year, according to new research by baker mckenzie, what the law states firm, and silk road associates, a financial consultancy.

For consumer items, the countrys global market share dropped by 4 portion points to 42 percent. the results come as washington targets asia with wide-ranging steps aimed at weaning it self down china-based offer stores and hobbling beijings aspirations in order to become a worldwide tech power.liu young-way, chairman of foxconn, the greatest apple supplier in addition to worlds largest contract electronic devices manufacturer with a staff as much as 1m in china, stated a week ago your organization anticipated international technology offer chains to split into two camps: it is one for china and the ones involving it, and another for united states and people they know.

Steve chen, co-founder and former main technology officer of youtube, a pioneer of on demand video streaming, is certainly going back again to fundamentals. taiwan-born mr chen features backed a start-up which allows customers in indonesia to download movies cheaply to their mobiles in the regional warung, or neighbourhood convenience store.

The start-up, migo, installs its proprietary movie product when you look at the warung. consumers then walk in and download flicks and programs from the device, allowing them to view films and programs offline. this saves reduced and middle-income indonesians from being forced to make use of cellular data to flow or download movies because they would when they subscribed to netflix or amazon prime.

With all the backing of mr chen, migo has actually raised about $50m. other people include singapores temasek and neighborhood indonesian backers. the ability in the region is defined by the lack of marketplace penetration by content providers netflix, disney+ and amazon prime, which migo ultimately wants to partner with. netflix recently over 1m of their 200m international customers in south-east asia, market of 650m men and women.

Migo solves streaming movie for appearing markets, mr chen stated. youtube built the practice of brief form watching but migo unlocks true bingeing behavior with offline long-form.

Tech industry rises in hang seng index

Hong kongs 50-stock hang seng index is getting a tech makeover. at the time of the following month alibaba, xiaomi and pharmaceutical research group wuxi biologics is contained in the index included in a quarterly analysis. the rejig will drive investment moves in to the newly included stocks.

The list revamp, a milestone for the citys developing give attention to chinese technology stocks, may be a harbinger of a bigger move in the works. hang seng indexes, an unit of hang seng bank, has actually launched a six-month comprehensive post on the standard to ensure it appropriately presents the fast-expanding development and brand-new economic climate areas".