Do you know who this man is?

What do you know about the man behind some of the most iconic fashion moments? Take this quiz to find out.

Do you know who this man is?


Mr. Lagerfeld wasn't immune to the allure of youth. The designer, in his late 70s fell for a much younger woman, who was as beautiful as the bridal gowns she inspired. Choupette, the white Birman cat of Mr. Lagerfeld, was treated in a way that is almost impossible to imagine for us. The year before his passing, he slyly hinted that Choupette would inherit some of his wealth.

Which of these beauties will inherit the Lagerfeld fortune (in part)?

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This was a tough one, even for the most dedicated Lager-heads. Now that you're aware, you can wave if you happen to run into her at the Mercer. According to William Middleton's biography of Lagerfeld, the Mercer was her favorite hotel in New York.