Ed&f man, one of londons oldest commodities agents, features restructured almost $1.5bn of debt and lifted an additional $320m in working capital from lenders, staving down an investment crunch.

A judge in the english high legal accepted on wednesday the companys plan to switch its debt, held in credit facilities that mature next fourteen days, into brand new secured finance and notes which come due across after that 3 years.

The changes will undoubtedly be made through a system of arrangement. the agents 28 lenders and note holders, such as the netherlands rabobank, approved the offer at a meeting the other day.

The restructuring heads off worries that the broker was on the road to insolvency. ed&f guy informed the court it would be unable to pay its creditors when several facilities matured across seven days to september 22.

The team, which acts as a middleman in international products markets, had steadily drawn down its services recently to guide its trading, while attempting to raise money by selling down some assets and shareholdings.

It blamed the coronavirus pandemic for ending any potential curiosity about its possessions, and had already been unable to get a hold of a more substantial companion to deliver financial backing. a high legal judge noted in august that its financial position has actually worsened significantly as a consequence of the pandemic.

Other small, independent commodities brokers have had a rollercoaster year as rates in areas they trade, such as crude oil, have swung extremely. at the same time, reduced interest rates have actually cut the earnings the tends to make from holding consumers money.

Ed&f guy, which traces its record straight back more than 200 many years, will act as a broker both for institutional and retail investors. the organization holds about $2bn of funds backing customers positions, according to data from commodity futures trading commission, the united states marketplace regulator.

The program on courtroom had been made via ed&f mans treasury management arm, which manages the mother or father groups relationships with financial institutions, increases financial obligation and handles its money. in the event that organization was indeed required into insolvency procedures, lenders might have received between 19p and 28p for each lb they certainly were owed, based on forecasts from organization and evaluation from fti consulting.

In approving the plan on wednesday, mr justice meade noted the business was at extreme threat of going breasts if the plan are not put in place. it is extremely cogent the system will give you a far better chance for lenders, he said.

Ed&f man said the judgment was a significant milestone when it comes to companys staff, creditors, customers, customers and suppliers.

This may develop a stable economic environment the team for the following 36 months and permit ed&f guy to pursue its strategy of emphasizing its core trading origins and divesting of non-core possessions in an orderly way assuring price is maximised, it stated.

Ed&f mans origins return to 1783, whenever james guy founded a barrel manufacturer and sugar brokerage in london.