Editorial: Are the Pirates for real? For now they are

This quote is from Ferris Bueller's Day Off. It means that sometimes it's better not to worry about the future and just enjoy the present.

Editorial: Are the Pirates for real? For now they are

It was a great April.

The Pittsburgh Pirates had one of the best Aprils ever, despite losing to the Washington Nationals on April 30 in a rainy finale. Only the 1921 Bucs and 1992 team had a better Pirates start. Both teams started with a 23-6 record.

Are the Pirates real? Can they maintain this momentum? Is it the right time to plan a World Series Parade route through Downtown Pittsburgh?

It doesn't matter.

The Pirates have been playing some of their best baseball in recent years. They are scoring a lot, their pitching is stellar and they steal more bases than anyone else. The players look like they're having a lot of fun and are entertaining to watch.

Enjoy the ride. Despite the scorching start, there are many reasons to be optimistic.

Pirates owner Bob Nutting has been criticized for refusing to invest money in the team. Last year, the Pirates signed third baseman Ke'Bryan Hayes for an eight-year deal worth $70 million. This was followed by the signing of outfielder Bryan Reynolds to an eight-year deal worth $106.7 million. The team has one of lowest payrolls in league but signing players to long-term contracts shows that you have a strategy.

PNC Park is considered one of the top ballparks in America. The Pirates have a better chance of improving their attendance this year, as more people are excited about them. Businesses on the North Shore will benefit from more people.

Will the Pirates play as well? Could the team stay near the top of National League Central, refusing to move? Pittsburgh could once again host meaningful baseball in September.

These are questions that we cannot answer at this time. For now, however, they remain one of the top teams in baseball, and their trend seems to be in the right directions.