Enabling Financial Freedom

. Fisdom is a mobile app that offers a variety of financial products such as stocks, mutual funds, pension funds, and tax filing.

Enabling Financial Freedom

Fintech is a popular choice, even though other markets are growing slowly in India. Nearly every Indian has adopted fintech. EY reports that the Indian fintech sector is being adopted at 87 percent, compared to 64 percent globally. Indian fintech markets would bring in approximately $200 billion in revenues and $ 1 trillion in AUM. In the last decade, the industry has seen a tremendous growth. The Indian market was still severely underserved in terms of capital market instruments such as mutual funds and stocks. This is due to a lack of trust, simplicity and access among Indian consumers.

Fisdom is a company that aims to solve problems in product and distribution innovation. Fisdom provides a mobile app that makes it easy to access a range of financial products, including stocks, mutual funds and pension funds. It also offers tax filing.

Subramanya Subramanya, CEO and co-founder of Fisdom, stated, "Fisdom has been a pioneer in B2B2C distribution models wherein we are an exclusive wealth partnership for 15 leading banks to offer investment services and enable their customers to access financial products at a glance."

As more people bank digitally, the company's distribution via banks has been a major advantage in keeping customers. Banks have a reliable distribution network. The company also aims to provide a comprehensive set of financial products that will help its partner banks better serve their customers while offering a superior user experience.

"We will continue to innovate technologically to improve customer access and personalize financial recommendations to attract and retain new customers." Subramanya SV stated that our goal is to increase our customer base to 4 million within the next 2 years, and to add more banks to our network of partners.

The company is yet to be profitable but has been investing heavily in its product and people. They are on track for becoming profitable by 2025. The company's acquisition cost is lower than the average industry average due to partnerships with banks. The company is growing rapidly at the same time. SEBI and RBI regulate Fisdom and play an important role in the industry. Subramanya says regulations and compliance are necessary to ensure transparency and integrity in the financial markets, protect investors and customers from market manipulation, financial crime and ethical threats. Subramanya points out that compliance and regulations can increase the costs of innovation and business operations in the short term. It does however, open up the possibility for more customers to access capital markets and help the company in the long-term. Fisdom considers regulations a key part of its business operations, and it invests heavily in this area.

Fisdom is enhancing its company culture and believing in a positive, collaborative and innovative culture. Fisdom is focusing on improving its products through a customer-centric approach. Subramanya stated that the company values the customer's voice and strives to develop products and features that solve real customer issues. Fisdom has approximately 1 million customers. The company's goal for the next 2 years is to have 4 million customers.