Extinct Wooly Mammoth Meatball Made In Lab

The text describes how scientists are able to use DNA from mosquitoes preserved in amber to bring dinosaurs back to life, much like in the movie Jurassic Park.

The Australian company, "Vow," which specializes in cultured meats, made headlines recently for creating a giant meatball using DNA from the long-extinct Woolly Mammoth.

Vow founder Tim Noakesmith said: "We wanted to create a product that was completely different from what you could get today."


Scientists believe that climate change was responsible for the extinction of this animal 10,000 years ago. ).

The meatball is made from sheep cells that have been inserted with the myoglobin gene, a woolly mammoth-specific gene.

James Ryall, Chief Scientific Officer at Vow, explained that myoglobin was responsible for the flavor, color and aroma of meat.

Scientists completed the woolly mammoth DNA sequence with African elephant DNA.

Ryall said that the dinosaurs behaved "much like in Jurassic Park".

Reuters said the meatball smelled like crocodile and that it wasn't produced for human consumption.

Its protein is literally 4,050 years old. It's been a long time since we last saw it. We want to test it rigorously, just as we would with any other product that we put on the market," Noakesmith explained.

Reuters concluded the article by stating that lab-grown beef will be a sustainable alternative to meat.

Where have we seen it before?

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