How fast is Eliud Kipchoge? You'll fall down when you find out

ran 2:01:39 in Berlin, is an extraordinary feat. Kipchoge's world record for the marathon is an extraordinary feat.

How fast is Eliud Kipchoge? You'll fall down when you find out


The Tumbleator was first unveiled at the Chicago Marathon a few months later. A new group of runners were able to experience Kipchoge’s pace for 200 meters. This was enough.

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Eliud Kipchoge

Has run a half-marathon in 2 hours, 1 minute and 9 seconds.

Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with the marathon, and its 26.2188 miles of muscle-searing masochism, can appreciate Kipchoge’s world record. He set it last September after he won The

Berlin Marathon

For the fourth time is fast. How fast is it?

You could go to your local track and attempt to run 400 meters, or roughly a quarter mile, in 69 seconds. Then, run another 104 laps. You could also try to run a mile in 4:37 seconds, and then add another 25 laps.

The most innovative way to understand Kipchoge’s marathon pace is via an enormous treadmill equipped with flexible matting.

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Marathon, for the first Monday described himself as fan.

In an interview from Kenya where he had been training, he said: "I believe it's great motivation for the entire human family." It's good that people can run on it, feel it, and gain the experience. It's positive." The Tumbleator is about 20 feet long and 6 feet wide. It was unveiled at an expo ahead of the London Marathon, where anyone could challenge themselves to run 400 meters in a minute.

World-class Marathon Pace

Canning Conveyor is the British company who built the contraption. This is about 13 mph for mortals, which is a sprint. The result was predictable and literal: the Tumbleator welcomed weekend warriors on its springy surface, before sending most of them to the back when it increased its speed. It sent them into the safety embrace of padded gymtics mats. It didn't take long before the giant treadmill became associated with Kipchoge. This was because he was faster. In 2018, he broke the world record by finishing the Berlin Marathon in 2:01,39. The Tumbleator debuted at the Chicago Marathon a few months later. A new group of runners were able to experience Kipchoge’s pace for 200 meters. How does the pace feel to Kipchoge himself on the road? Kipchoge: "I can honestly say that I like that pace." "My training will allow me to run at this pace." The Tumbleator will be making its next public appearance, scheduled for the London Marathon on April 23, at London Marathon. Danny Coyle is the head of digital & social media at the Abbott World Marathon Majors. He said that the power of the Marathon, and what makes it different from other sporting events, comes down to its community feel. The majority of humans will not be able to play in the World Series, race a Formula 1 or stand on Centre Court at Wimbledon. Coyle stated, "When you run a marathon you are running the same 26.2 mile as the world's best athletes." Kipchoge is warming up the Boston Marathon course for 30,000 runners on Monday. The Tumbleator has provided amateur athletes with a way to bridge the gap from themselves to elites such as Kipchoge. This is only for a few seconds, but it's incredibly useful. "And it looks like fun, right?" Coyle stated. Who doesn't like a giant treadmill? Mo Farah was unable to resist the siren song from the Tumbleator before his appearance in the 2019 London Marathon. Farah, a four-time Olympic champ, tumbled twice. Coyle stated that "even the best athletes in the world struggled on the Tumbleator". Kipchoge won the race a few days later. Farah came in fifth.

Kipchoge wasn't born to be a champion. As a youngster in


He ran to and from school in a small town in western Kenya. He helped his family as a teenager by selling milk he collected from neighbors. At age 16, he was introduced to running in a more formal way.

Patrick Sang

A silver medalist at the Olympics in steeplechase returned to Kenya to organise sports events. Kipchoge became his protege very quickly. Sang, aged 58, is still his coach.

Kipchoge was 18 when he won the world championship for 5,000 meters. In 2004, he won a bronze medal and in 2008, a silver. In 2013, he switched to the marathon.

Since then, he has won 10 major world marathons and 15 out of 17 marathons that he has run. At the

Tokyo Games

He successfully defended the 2016 Olympic title with a dominant performance in 2021. Last year he shaved 30 seconds off his world record. He has officially recorded four of the fastest marathons in history.

Kipchoge wished the participants of the London Marathon luck as they "tried out my world-record speed" in October 2022. Kipchoge often uses exclamation points to punctuate his sentences. "To fall is a big challenge!" This means that they have to work harder." Kipchoge runs up to 140.4 miles per week in training. Although this might seem like an outlandish number, Kipchoge is not unrelatable. He said that most of his runs are slow. Slow for him, however, is slightly faster than 7 minutes per half mile. He said that he and his team "really try to run as easy as possible." It's good to stimulate our brains and for our muscles, to be able to recharge and ready for the following day. The man whose name has become synonymous with Tumbleator rarely runs on a treadmill. He said, "I like to be outdoors."

Original publication date: Apr 15, 2023

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