How She ‘Manifested' Marrying Her Secret Crush

How She ‘Manifested' Marrying Her Secret Crush

Allison Alyssa Flynn's secret crush on Jeffrey Charles Hood began the moment she first met him. Hood.

Hood was a custom clothing instructor at the Dallas location, and she worked in Charleston as stylist. He came to Charleston for training sessions. Flynn stated that she was 'completely obsessed' with Jeff the first time she saw him. Within 24 hours, Ms. Flynn was able to say, "I am going to marry this guy".

But Mr. Hood did have a girlfriend back then.

Ms. Flynn informed her family, co-workers and friends about her crush. She said, 'I called it manifestation'. We stayed in touch and I told people that "I was going to marry him."

"Everyone except me knew about her crush," said Mr. Hood had worked with Flynn frequently.

Flynn was promoted to the role of sales manager at Trunk Club in May 2018.

In June 2019, everything changed. Ms. Flynn called Mr. Hood that she was leaving Trunk Club. She confessed to him her feelings. He said he was not married.

"We spent months FaceTiming, Snapchatting and talking," said Mr. Hood told the reporter. We were in love. I was 30 but felt like I was a teenager.

Ms. Flynn stated that they'spent at least four to five hours a day FaceTimeing'. She said, 'We talked in a romantic way.

Ms. Flynn traveled to New York in July 2019 to spend an extended weekend with Mr. Hood was transferred to New York by Trunk Club a year earlier. He said that when she arrived, "I just walked over to her and kissed" her.

The weekend didn't go as planned. The weekend did not go as planned.

Hood checked on her and brought her remedies. Hood visited her and gave her medicine.

By Saturday, when Ms. Flynn felt better, they explored. Ms. Flynn recalled that they were once walking through Grand Central Station. We kissed, felt like we were in an old movie and no one was around.

She visited him in August and he soon visited her in Los Angeles. It was the first time that I told him, "I love you,"' said Mr. Hood told the reporter. Hood said:

Hood decided to return to Texas and start his own clothing company. She supported me, and more importantly, she agreed to move to Dallas', Mr. Hood added that they moved together in November 2019

The couple will move to Atlanta in 2021 to be nearer to Ms. Flynn’s parents.


Flynn is a 32-year-old native of Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. She works remotely for Pearmill, an agency that specializes in luxury performance marketing based out of New York. She holds a Bachelor's in Communication Studies from College of Charleston.

Hood, 34, is a native of Korea who was adopted at a young age and brought up in Richardson, Texas. He is the owner and founder of Jeff Hood Custom - a custom clothing company - and director for Garmentier - a platform that connects stylists and retailers. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from Southern Methodist University, Dallas.

Hood was also a child actor. He played Danny on 'Barney & Friends,' from 1997 to 1998, and in many Barney films.

On the 16th of March 2022, Mrs. Hood replied, "I had already booked dinner at BondST. I told her that we would be heading to the water at sunset for oysters during happy hour.

Hood proposed to him as they walked along the pier. Hood proposed. He said, 'It's all blurred together.' "I'm sure I also surprised her. That would be the first time."

Ms. Flynn and Mr. Hood converted to Judaism in March 2010. He said, "I made the decision on my own."

The couple held a Jewish marriage ceremony on March 12 at Temple Emanu-El in Myrtle Beach, Ms. Flynn’s home synagogue. Rabbi Avraham perets officiated. It was a special occasion because my family came to Myrtle Beach for the ceremony and conversion, and both families worked together on the huppah. Hood told the audience.

Shelby Sutherland Gray was ordained by American Marriage Ministries to perform a virtual marriage at the family home of Ms. Flynn in Myrtle Beach, on 24 April.

Robert McCarthy, an uncle of Ms. Flynn and a retired judge from the New Jersey Superior Court, hosted a second wedding celebration on April 28. Hood's Company made the suits, tuxedos and other clothing worn by family members and friends. Flynn stated that she was "overwhelmed with love, happiness and peace" throughout the day.

The guests cheered as the song 'Crazy in Love,' by Beyonce & Jay-Z ended. The couple then stood in the middle the dance floor. Mr. Hood said. Hood said. I have never felt so much love and energy in my entire life. The only word I can use to describe it is heavenly.