I Use These 5 ChatGPT Hacks to Cut My Workload By 8 Hours a Week. Here's the Exact Wording of My Prompts.

This person's five most valuable ChatGPT prompts are:1. How can I automate this task? 2. What is the next most important thing? 3. What can I delegate? 4. What can I outsource? 5. How can I streamline this process?

I Use These 5 ChatGPT Hacks to Cut My Workload By 8 Hours a Week. Here's the Exact Wording of My Prompts.

This article was originally published on Business Insider.

During my 18 years of marketing experience, I have written millions of words in marketing copy.

My career began by writing copy for early brands of e-commerce on Myspace. I then moved into fundraising, influencer marketing and real estate coaching.

I am now the chief brand officer of a real estate-coaching company. I can finish 80% to 90% of my work using AI-based language modeling tools such as ChatGPT.

In 2022, I began using AI tools but found them ineffective at capturing the brand's voice and tone. ChatGPT was the next big thing in 2023. These five hacks are the most useful. I use ChatGPT for dozens and dozens of different things each day.

Write social media posts and emails quickly

My company is a real estate disruptor; our advice often goes against conventional wisdom. ChatGPT will give me emails and posts full of outdated advice if I don't outline it.

I ask ChatGPT to write a social media post/email using the outline below in a conversational style like Jess Lenouvel.

ChatGPT can mimic our CEO's writing style, cadence and even her emoji use by adding the name of our CEO to the prompt.

Create different messages from the same message

Finding new and interesting ways to communicate the same message is difficult. You run out of creative ideas for content and ads after five years at the same company.

For ChatGPT, I use the following prompt to generate variations of copy that I have already written: "Think as a digital marketing expert and create four variants of this Facebook Ad copy."

I give the AI a single example, because I want to be able to control the initial message. ChatGPT may struggle to capture the right tone for our brand if I do not give it a specific starting point. It will create stiff copy and strategies if I give it an all-encompassing prompt.

The tone and level of reading should be checked and modified.

The people want content that is easily understood in their social media and email. According to some estimates, the average American can read at a 7th or 8th grade level.

The best marketing copy is written at a level that's slightly below, around fifth or sixth grade. It means using short sentences, paragraphs and language that is conversational.

Before ChatGPT I would use Hemingway as a reading level tester and play with the sentences until they reached a fifth grade level. ChatGPT allows me to write as I please and have the AI change the tone and reading level for me.

This prompt saves me between 20 and 30 minutes per day.

Give the AI an outline and structure to follow when writing long-form stories.

The psychology-based marketing is built on storytelling. Because our company is positioned as a personal brand I need to tell audiences personal stories and emotions about our CEO and successful members.

GPT-4 does it all for me. This version is better than 3.5 at telling stories.

These are the two prompts that I use:

Follow this story structure: 1. "Capture the heart. 2. Create tension. 3. Resolve tension. 4. Write a 400-word post on social media in the first person, like Jess Lenouvel. Use the story points below.

You'll get better results if you are more specific in your instructions.

Create A/B test hypotheses to troubleshoot marketing problems

As a marketer, you may need to solve a particular problem but not know how to test alternative solutions or what metrics to use to determine the best strategy.

ChatGPT is able to help you with this as well. ChatGPT can also help with that.

This is a recent example of a prompt that I sent to it: "I am running an A/B Test to compare application pages A and B to increase the number applications to our program. I need help creating hypotheses on email click rates and form completion. What should I test and how can I measure success?

We'll test the following based on suggestions from ChatGPT:

Reduce the number of questions in our application form.

This is just a small sample of how I use generative AI. I talk to other marketers in Facebook groups and Discord servers for more ideas on how to use ChatGPT.

ChatGPT has saved me an average of six to eight hours per week.