Insuring Insurtech

. Turtlemint is a company that operates in the insurance advisory business. Their goal is to create a million micro-entrepreneurs in India.

Insuring Insurtech

Turtlemint's Dhirendra Mahayavanshi says that Turtlemint has set itself a goal to create a million micro entrepreneurs in India. This is done by making it easy for people to get into the insurance advisory business.

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Turtlemint's goal is to increase insurance penetration in the entire country by providing technology to insurance advisors.

Turtlefin is a suite of enterprise products designed to help our partners improve the creation and issuance of quotes, increase customer engagement and offer customized insurance products tailored to the consumer's needs. Turtlemint co-founder Dhirendra Mahyavanshi says that the company's focus has always been on simplifying the insurance distribution process and enabling advisors to use digital technology.

Fintech is a highly competitive industry, where new players are constantly entering the market and existing players are constantly innovating in order to remain ahead. Turtlemint's digital-first approach to enabling POSPs, simplifying insurance, and enabling our customers becomes crucial in such a scenario.

We want to provide insurance advisors with the best digital tools and access to digital knowledge to grow their business.

"Furthermore we have set the goal to create a million micro entrepreneurs in the country, by making it easy for individuals, especially young people, enter the advisory insurance business. He adds that the training materials, content and tools available on his platform are easy to use, understand and in multiple languages.

The startup also invests in new technologies which have the potential of revolutionizing the insurance industry through improved efficiency, lower costs and more accurate risk assessments. It will also focus on claims automation in order to streamline the claims process for customers and anyone seeking assistance.


Number of Customers

B2B – 2.8 Lakh+ POSP Advisors