Jabil (NYSE:JBL) Downgraded by StockNews.com

Analysts at StockNews.com downgraded Jabil (NYSE JBL - Get Free Report ) from a buy' rating to a hold' rating on Tuesday in a note sent to investors.

JBL was the subject of other reports. JPMorgan Chase & Co. began covering Jabil on Wednesday, 7th July in a report. The stock was given an 'overweight rating' and a price target of $110.00. In a report published on March 14th, Raymond James raised their price target on Jabil to $100.00 from $84.00. They also gave the stock an'strong buy' rating. Credit Suisse Group raised their target price for Jabil in a report published on Friday, 16th June from $110.00 up to $125.00. Bank of America raised their target price for Jabil in a report published on Monday, 12th June from $91.00 up to $108.00. VNET Group reiterated its'maintains rating' on Jabil shares in a report published on Friday, 16th June. Two analysts gave the stock a hold, three others a buy and one a strong-buy rating. MarketBeat data shows that Jabil's average rating is a 'Moderate buy' with a consensus price target of $99.88.

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Jabil Stock Increase 0.3 %

NYSE JBL rose $0.34 in Tuesday's trading, reaching $111.65. 716,831 of the company's shares were traded, compared with its average volume, which is 1,191,521. Jabil's 12 month low is $50.60, and its 12 month high is $112.27. The company has a 50-day simple moving avg. of $94.25 as well as a 200-day simple moving avg. of $85.00. The company's current ratio is 1.06, its quick ratio is 0.59, and its debt-to equity ratio is 1.05. The company's market capitalization is $14.61 billion. It has a P/E of 15.73 and a PEG of 1.15.

Insiders Bet on the Future

Jabil (NYSE:JBL Get Free Report) posted its latest earnings results on June 15th. The technology company posted $1.99 per share in earnings for the third quarter, exceeding the consensus estimate by $0.12 of $1.87. Revenue for the quarter was $8.48 billion, which is higher than analyst expectations of $8.20. Jabil's return on equity was 39.61%, and its net margin was 2.77%. Revenue was up by 1.8% from the same quarter of last year. In the same quarter last year, Jabil earned $1.52 per share. Analysts on the sell-side predict 7.94 EPS from Jabil for this year.

Anousheh Ansari, the director of the company, sold 3,000 shares in a deal that took place on Wednesday, 5th July. The shares were sold for an average price $108.61 and a total of $325.830.00. After the transaction, the director owns directly 38,000 shares worth $4,127.180 of the company stock. The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) website allows you to access the legal filing that disclosed the sale. Insiders of the company own 2.75 percent of its stock.

Institutional Trading of Jabil

Several hedge funds and institutional investors recently changed their holdings in JBL. Altshuler Shaham Ltd purchased a new position of shares in Jabil worth $31,000 during the first quarter. ST Germain D J Co. Inc. purchased a new position of shares in Jabil for $26,000 during the fourth-quarter. Raleigh Capital Management Inc. increased its holdings of shares of Jabil during the fourth quarter by 391.8%. Raleigh Capital Management Inc. owns 418 of the stock of the technology firm, worth $29,000. This is after buying an additional 333 stocks during the period. Amundi increased its holdings of Jabil shares by 419.8% in the fourth quarter. Amundi owns now 421 shares worth $32,000 of the stock of the technology firm after buying an additional 340 during the period. Endurance Wealth Management Inc. also acquired shares of Jabil in the first quarter, worth $39,000. 91.90% is owned by institutional investors.


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Jabil Inc. provides manufacturing solutions and services worldwide. It is divided into two segments: Electronics Manufacturing Services, and Diversified Manufacturing Services. The company provides electronics design, production and product management; electronic circuit design such as application specific integrated circuit design and firmware development; and designs metal and plastic enclosures with electro-mechanics such as printed circuit boards assemblies (PCBA).

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