M&g has had a difficult start to life as an independent entity. the uk-focused asset manager and insurer ended up being slashed adrift from insurer prudential and listed on october 21 2019 2 months before covid-19 formally appeared in china and 90 days before britain stop the eu.

The subsequent pandemic and whipsawing of areas took their toll. m&g saw web outflows of 4.1bn in the first half the year and reported modified running earnings of 309m. fee margins dropped and cost/income ratios rose. m&g must now keep its very own hq costs also expenses previously paid because of the pru. the share cost features fallen by about a fifth since listing.

Bad time is part of the issue. m&g is neither a heavyweight fund manager sitting on up to 500bn like schroders, nor an expert like ashmore, specialising in growing markets. it's assets under handling of 339bn, a plethora of retail resources, an institutional operation and a legacy with-profits business.

Employer john foley views this ragbag as an energy, making m&g both owner and investor of assets. the century-old shut guide of with-profits policies is gradually being run off but is topped with sales of pru funds, which smooth out volatility. significantly more than 50bn well worth being offered. circulation discounts are brewing in european countries.

Investors are not convinced. m&g positions on a trailing price/book worth of 1.5 times, based on s&p international, a tiny small fraction of the score commanded by schroders and jupiter.

That discount reflects problems both for m&g additionally the entire retail economic solutions industry. the group had to suspend transactions in its home investment late last year following a rush of distributions.

Improving overall performance becomes a virtuous circle in investment administration, and would assist the share cost. in the meantime people who possess held to m&g stocks following demerger can about be grateful for the stable or increasing dividend plan. even a stable dividend is rare bounty these days.

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