Marijuana Stocks To Buy And Watch

This article lists some of the best marijuana stocks to buy and watch as more and more states legalize weed.

Cannabis companies that sell both recreational and medicinal marijuana. Marijuana stocks you should buy and keep an eye on. Marijuana mergers & acquisitions. Data analytics for dispensaries. Upcoming marijuana IPOs.

These phrases are becoming more common as marijuana is legalized in the United States and Canada. Investor interest in the marijuana industry is on the rise, as the leading players continue to chip away at the legal barriers where cannabis remains illegal.

Nine states, including Washington, D.C., and 29 other states have legalized marijuana for medical use.

Canopy Growth Corp., a Canadian producer of pot, began trading at the New York Stock Exchange in May. Canopy's IPO came after Cronos Group (CRON), which debuted on Nasdaq back in February. MedMen, an American marijuana company with a $1.65 billion valuation, also had its IPO on the Canadian stock exchange in May. The industry is still volatile and the inconsistent regulations may make it difficult to expand.

The legal cannabis market is booming, and this could lead to more Americans turning to marijuana. Those struggling tobacco and beer companies can use this trend to generate new business. Look for business opportunities in the products that are becoming increasingly popular at MedMen stores. You can look at the cannabis drinks in the refrigerator or vaping devices, and pre-rolled joints in the tins. Read More

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