Mastercard Stock Scores Rising Relative Price Strength Rating

Mastercard's Relative Strength Rating reaches new high.

When putting your watchlist together, you should look for stocks that have an RS Rating of 80 or more. Mastercard's (MA) stock has just achieved this criteria, with a score of 81.

Relative price strength is a factor to consider when deciding which stocks to purchase and monitor.

This proprietary rating compares the technical performance of a stock to other publicly traded companies using a score ranging from 1 (worst), up to 99 (best).

The market's most successful moves have historically had an RS Rating of 80 or more in the initial stages.

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The entry for Mastercard is 384.21. Check if the stock can break through in heavy trading. You can read "How to Find The Next Big Stock Market Winners?" For more information, read "Start With These Three Steps".

In its latest quarterly report the payment processor company reported a 13% increase in earnings, and 12% in sales. The next quarter's numbers will be released in or around April. 27.

The stock of Mastercard is ranked No. Mastercard stock is ranked No. 5 amongst its peers in the Finance Card/Payment Processing Industry group. StoneCo Cl A, (STNE), and WEX Inc., (WEX), are also amongst the highest-rated stocks in this group.

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