McDonald's Hamburglar Comes Out of Hiding to Promote Big Burger Changes

The fast food chain McDonald's is bringing back its iconic, "red-handed fugitive" to market updates to the Big Mac, McDouble, and Classic Hamburger and Cheeseburger.

McDonald's Hamburglar Comes Out of Hiding to Promote Big Burger Changes

The Hamburglar has returned to his old thieving ways.

McDonald's has revived the iconic lamb mascot after years of using it to promote the changes that the fast-food giant is making to the Big Mac, McDouble and Classic Cheeseburger.

McDonald's is soon to offer softer buns, melted white onions, caramelized cheese and more Big Mac Sauce.

The company has already tested the changes in Australia Canada and Belgium.

The menu changes were created by Chef Chad Schafer of McDonald's USA's Senior Director of Culinary Innovation.

Hamburglar advertising campaign

McDonald's has decided to bring out the Hamburglar to promote their new advertising campaign. The masked bandit will appear in two new commercials wearing his prison pinstripes and trademark cape.

The Hamburglar can be seen in the ads staking out the local McDonald's where he finds the refreshed versions of burgers. The Hamburglar then enters the restaurant to steal a tray full of burgers.

In a press release, Tariq Hassan said that the best way to demonstrate how delicious our burgers are is to let our most notorious burger-thief loose to try to steal our best burgers.

McDonald's new menu comes amid a restructuring of the company. McDonald's cut hundreds of jobs in its corporate offices earlier this year. It also reduced pay and benefits and closed the field offices.