Merger to come is going to become an accelerator. This way Interbono Estates Limited will make much faster entrance starting investing in Paraguay property.

Without a doubt merger is a landmark in the history of any company. Interbono Estates Limited also decided to go through this process to join forces with local real estate agent this increasing the overall resources of newly established business competitor. Interbono Estates Limited has been planning this move since 2018 and started acting last year by running 2 rounds of negotiations with Paraguay real estate investor. Both parties are not rookies on realty market so the merger is going to give birth to a truly powerful company. According to preliminary announcements from both sides property will remain # 1 target asset. Yet the company may overview other options of capital placement.

After the merger process is over the investment paces are expected to rise by 30% in 2021. According to CEO of Interbono Estates Limited - Matias Terrence - this is going to be a first phase to test the level of integrity and proper work of all company components and departments. Judging from results of the first stage the company may increase the investments volume or remain on the same level to closer cooperation and actions coordination.
Merger is a long process and both sides will have to face certain difficulties while turning two business bodies into one company. Nevertheless both parties consider joining forces to be the best option in order to get significant results on Paraguay market.

Newly formed portfolio will also gain more balance. With the main asset remaining the same Interbono Estates Limited leaders hope to preserve all previous contacts and clients. Forthcoming year will show the first fruits of this cooperation.

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Charlie Wells
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