Mexico Foreign Minister to Quit to Seek Ruling Party Presidential Ticket

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Dave Graham

MEXICO CITY, (Reuters) – Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo ebrard is one of the top contenders for the next president of Mexico. He announced on Tuesday that he would resign from his position next week in order to concentrate on winning the nomination by the ruling party to run in the presidential elections next year.

Ebrard is a former Mexican mayor who is now running to be the next president of Mexico. He will represent the MORENA, the National Regeneration Movement, which has dominated national politics.

Ebrard, surrounded by a crowd of enthusiastic supporters at a press conference in the capital, said: "I've decided to request and submit my resignation as Foreign Minister on Monday 12th June."

Ebrard, a political savant and more progressive socially than Lopez Obrador is known for. He reiterated that he believes all MORENA presidential candidates should leave their positions to ensure an equitable process.

Ebrard has been ranked as one of the top contenders for the position of successor to Lopez Obrador. Lopez Obrador is limited to a six-year tenure by law. However, most recent polls have given current Mexico City mayor Claudia Sheinbaum an edge.

The next presidential election will be held in June 2024.

The details of the process by which MORENA will select its presidential candidate have yet to be finalized.

The popularity of Lopez Obrador is a major factor in MORENA's victory.

The party has won a resounding win in a race for governor in Mexico's State, the most populous part of the country, where the Institutional Revolutionary Party had been a mainstay for almost a century.

The 8-point preliminary margin of victory by MORENA will add this state to the 21 other states - of 32 - that are currently governed under the party.