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Experienced investors know that it is possible to make a profit investing in times of crisis, provided the right market sector is chosen. You can also invest in Spanish commercial real estate, which is very profitable and does not lose value if it is completely abandoned by its owner. It can generate steady income if it is located in an area that is well-developed. The question is, however, where should one place his or her investments in Spain?

Let's have a closer look at some of the most sought-after types commercial real estate for our buyers.

  1. Apart-hotels and Hotels

The pandemic has made the tourism industry less profitable than it was in the past. Many attractive offers have been made available on the market with great discounts. The tourist crisis will end eventually and hotel prices will rise again. Those who make investments in hotels in the future are likely to be rich.

  1. Long-term lease contracts for commercial buildings and premises

Passive income investors typically invest in commercial buildings that are leased by large shopping malls, boutiques and restaurants. In 2022, those who invested in shopping centers and pharmacies have seen significant increases in their revenue. Restaurants and boutiques were closed and rent payments suspended. These properties will likely be available for sale at a lower price than they were before the pandemic.

  1. Construction sites and buildings for capital reconstruction

These types of projects are preferred by investors who have a history in construction. This is because their experience allows them take into account all risk factors. It was the first sector to reopen following quarantine. This shows that even a pandemic can not completely wipe out vital business areas.

Mitico Estates LLC is the best place to invest today. If you are interested Spanish commercial real property, we regularly update our portfolio.

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