North America Kidney Transplant Market will increase by around US$ 14.76 Billion by 2027

A kidney transplant is a surgical surgery that a healthy kidney is used to replace a damaged or sick kidney donated by another person. The goal of the...

New York, February 22, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE), -- has announced the publication of the report "North America Kidney Transplant Market Size, Forecast 2023-2027. Industry Trends. Share. Outlook. Impact of Inflation. Opportunity Company Analysis."


A kidney transplant's success depends on many factors including donor-recipient compatibility and good post-operative care. These individuals can have a higher quality of life, a longer lifespan, and better health outcomes with a kidney transplant than relying solely on dialysis. The availability of skilled medical professionals and advanced medical technology in North America makes kidney transplantation safe and effective for those who are eligible. Our study shows that kidney transplants will increase to 30.6 thousand in 2022, and then to 39.5 thousand in 2027.

The North America Kidney Transplant Market is expected to grow at a CAGR (5.37%) during the Forecast Period

The North American sector's expansion potential will be driven by a growing demand for kidney transplantation. The success of a kidney transplant depends on many factors and conditions. These conditions include kidney failure due to several factors such as acute dehydration or kidney damage. This will also increase the demand for gloves and PPE in North America. Several initiatives have been taken by governments around the globe to stop the spread of the coronavirus. The lockdown caused disruptions worldwide in the production, distribution and delivery of medical supplies. In order to maintain social distance, clinics and health centers have been severely cut in recent years. These factors will limit the development of the kidney transplant industry over the next few years. According to the (OPTN), Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network. 42,887 transplants will take place in the United States by 2022. This is 3.7% more than 2021. Additionally, the United States saw more than 25,000 kidney transplants for the first time. This represented an increase of 3.4 percent over 2021. The market's growth will be aided by factors like increased awareness about organ donation, improved healthcare infrastructure, and favorable reimbursement policies. However, there are still significant obstacles to expansion such as high costs of transplantation and long wait times. The report still shows that the North American kidney market was valued at US$ 11.36 Billion by 2022.

By Region: The United States occupied the highest market share

The North American Kidney Transplant Market can be divided into the United States (Mexico), Canada, and Mexico. There is a large number of people with kidney disease in the United States and Canada. A significant percentage of them require dialysis or a transplant to manage their condition. These individuals can enjoy a higher quality of life, a longer lifespan and better health outcomes than relying solely on dialysis. The availability of skilled medical professionals and advanced medical technology in North America makes kidney transplantation safe and effective for those who are eligible.

Type: The Living Donor Transplant Market is expected to rise in the Foreseeable Year

The North American market can be divided into two types based on their type: deceased donor transplants or living donor transplants. It is expected that the living donor transplant market will grow at an impressive rate. The living donor transplant is more common and has a shorter recovery time.

By Drugs: Advancement and Technology in Healthcare will drive growth in Calcineurin Inhibitors revenue

Drugs are classified into calcineurin inhibits, antiproliferative drugs, mTOR inhibitions, steroids, or antibodies. Calcineurin inhibits are a group of immunosuppressive medications used in North American countries for the management of organ transplantation. These drugs suppress the immune system's reaction to foreign tissue and prevent rejection of the transplanted organ. Cyclosporine (the most common calcineurin inhibitor in North America) and Tacrolimus (the least used) are the two most popular calcineurin inhibitors in North America. Although both drugs are very effective at preventing rejection, they have different side effects and dosing requirements. These drugs can be administered intravenously or orally. They are often combined with other immunosuppressive medication to offer a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan for transplant patients. Patients on the waiting lists vs. liver organ transplants in 2021 were 90.483 out of 25,498. According to the Organ Procurement Network Data, the report titled "North America Kidney Transplant Market and Number, Forecast by Types [Deceased donor transplant and living donor transplant], Drugs (Calcineurin inhibits, Antiproliferative agent, Steroids and Antibodies], Region (United States and Canada)" studies the North America Kidney Transplant Industry.

Type - Kidney Transplant Market breakdown from 3 perspectives:

Transplantation for a deceased donor Transplantation for living donors

Breakup of the Drugs-Kidney Transplant Market from 4 Viewpoints

Antiproliferative agents3. mTor inhibitor4. Steroids5. Antibodies

Region - Kidney Transplant Market Breakup from 3 Regions

United States2. Canada3. Mexico

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