International investors pay growing attention to the real estate market of the US. Southern California region is one of the most recognized.

According to the recent research conducted by the experts of Novenburg Estates Limited among its clients 74% of all respondents single out the market of the US as the most perspective. Current investment climate on the real estate market is very favorable so some international customers consider the market of America as the only possible option for capital placement. Very often the foreign customers purchase the units with an eye for luxury. Even the most sophisticated and expensive object can find its new owner, especially if it is in California. International community also values current stability in the state.

2019 Brought the rise of California real estate market stabilizing the prices and increasing the number of purchases of various units. Individuals who purchased property within the period of 2016 - 2019 has seen the market growing and recovering and ended up gaining significant profit afterwards by either selling the units or letting those on lease.  By 2020 prices were stabilized completely and California real estate market is very calm now.
San Diego realty is also at its rise. Commercial units in downtown are in demand among locals and business from abroad. Constant demand feeds the construction paces boosting this segment of the market.

Downturn has frozen some development projects yet main part of them was already resold in the state they were or went on finishing the construction. In 2020 Downtown of San Diego is expected to offer more than 1300 commercial real estate units. Companies and individuals interested in this type of property can make California as their next landmark starting business in the US from this location. It is far from being the cheapest option available on the market yet it has numerous advantages over other variants.

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