Current real estate sector of the United States has been showing the outstanding paces of recovery and growth. Rapid growth is likely to preserve.

The climate in the lending sector in the US keeps recovering. The demand for high-end opportunities has far exceeded the supply level and soon is expected to hit the point of 2007 when the property market of US was at its peak. Investors also switch the focus of the interest from main industrial hubs to less developed areas showing an increased confidence. Business vehicles come to the market with more accessable and comprehensive mortgage programs. This fact of course resulted into slow yet steady growth of real estate market reaching 2 times better level in Q1 2020 comparing with previous year. Debt market has always been a basis for US real estate sphere. Mortgage accessibility already started heating the property sector.

This yer analysts observe the tendency of the main real estate investors switching the focus from main most popular regions to secondary areas. Prime areas cannot offer an ongoing stream of low-risk opportunities and options for investment. The risk curve is going up with the capital holders entering the secondary areas targeting main and the most perspective assets rather than exploring the secondary assets on the prime locations.

Novenburg Estates Limited also decided not to waste the time and efforts and in Q3 intends to start investment activity in some of the states. So far the analyst team runs the research to find out the locations that can offer contentious flow of opportunities and stable real estate climate. Novenburg Estates Limited does not intend to concentrate on one particular location and after establishing a solid base in one of the US states plans to expand its influence by creating a net of offices across the country.

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