One Of The Most Useful Tools For Cannabis Investors And Entrepreneurs Goes Online After 8 Years Of Exclusive Email Access

Exclusive details on the debut on the online Viridian Deal Tracker and a review of its unique features.

One Of The Most Useful Tools For Cannabis Investors And Entrepreneurs Goes Online After 8 Years Of Exclusive Email Access

Tracker for Viridian Deals
Javier Hasse

To stay competitive in the growing cannabis industry, businesses must keep an eye on pricing, product trends, form factors, and product type changes. Top analytics firms such as BDSA, Headset and Eaze provide valuable product and sales data sets that can be used by business owners and entrepreneurs to keep them ahead of the curve. While sales and product data can be crucial in some cases, entrepreneurs, bankers, and executives need a deeper understanding of cannabis to make capital allocations and finance decisions. Viridian Capital Advisors data is a great resource. What amount of money is being invested in the cannabis industry? What sub-sectors see the largest cash flows? How does this trend change over time? Are these good or bad years for cannabis companies? Is it equity or debt that businesses are raising capital? Are M&As on the rise? Which countries and regions are more popular right now? Are public company valuations reasonable? All this information was previously included in Viridian’s weekly email blast. The information will now be accessible online via an interactive platform. The Viridian Deal Tracker's web version will be available this week, according to exclusive information obtained before an official announcement. This website

The Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker was launched in 2015. It has been a great source of data analytics and deep analysis on capital markets activity in cannabis, CBD, and psychedelics.

The tracker has collected information about more than 3,000 capital raises over the past 8 years and 1,500 M&A transactions, totaling more than $70 billion.

What is the true value-add to companies, investors, and acquirers? The weekly deal tracker provides the most relevant information and analysis on the three main areas of cannabis capital markets: debt raises, equity raises, and M&A transactions. Valuation analysis (key financial metrics for over 370 public companies, and all industries)

The Online Tracker

Scott Greiper, founder and president of Viridian, explained why the company is moving its deal tracker online. By
Javier Hasse

European Tracker: Capital markets transactions in Europe's cannabis, CBD, and psychedelics sectors.

"World-class data, research and analytics are essential in the new cannabis, CBD, and psychedelics industry. Scott Greiper (founder and president of Viridian Capital) stated that Viridian will continue to provide top-quality analytics and decision-making tools to assist companies, investors and lenders in making smart capital allocation decisions and strategic decisions.

Data from The Lastest Tracker

Viridian Data
Viridian Capital Advisors

Capital raises in the cannabis sector are at an all-time low. This is despite a slow start to the year. According to Viridian only $242.5 million has been raised in six weeks 2023 - a drastic contrast to the $803.1 millions raised in that same time last year.

It is interesting to note that both private and public companies saw similar levels of investment. This contrasts 2022 where the majority of money was invested in the industry by public companies within the first six weeks.

"We hear more about groups creating capital pools to acquire distressed assets. By
Javier Hasse

In the first weeks of 2023, there has been a decrease in mergers and acquisitions activity in cannabis. Viridian Data
Viridian Capital Advisors

The average transaction size of $7.9m is also the lowest in recent times, which has been largely due to a decline in U.S. activities. Analysts believe that there may be larger M&A deals in the future, as low trading multiples make Tier 2 and 3 MSOs, and SSOs, more attractive targets. Investors will be keeping an eye on the market to see if this prediction is realized in the coming months.

Frank Colombo from Viridian Capital, head of data analytics, stated that C-suite executives and investors rely upon our deep understanding of cannabis capital markets to help them make key strategic decisions. These include how to finance themselves, where they invest capital, what companies are valued and whether they should become an acquirer or seller. These participants also find our analysis of credit quality as well as its implications for capital costs to be extremely valuable, given that debt is now a more important source of capital in the industry.