OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Says He's a ‘Little Bit Scared' of A.I.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Says He's a ‘Little Bit Scared' of A.I.

In an interview with ABC News, Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, stated that he is "a little scared" about technology like ChatGPT by OpenAI.

Altman stated that he is concerned about possible disinformation and authoritarian controls of AI technology. AI technology will transform the economy and labor, as well as education.

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman stated in an interview with

ABC News

He said that he is "a little scared" about artificial intelligence technology and how it might affect his workforce, elections, and spread of disinformation.

OpenAI was developed

ChatGPT bot

It creates human-like answers for questions.

A new AI trend has been ignited


Altman stated in an interview that "I think people have fun with [ChatGPT]".

Altman expressed excitement about the potential transformative power of AI technology but he also expressed concern about competing AI technology being developed by "authoritarian regimes".

Altman stated that authoritarian governments are a concern. Altman said that foreign governments have begun to introduce competing AI technology to the market.

Chinese tech company


For example, ChatGPT recently hosted a release party for Ernie, its chat bot called Chat AI.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was born years before Russia invaded Ukraine.

The leader in AI technology will "rule the world," according to Altman. Altman called these comments "chilling".





They have aggressively increased their AI play. Microsoft partnered with Altman's OpenAI in order to integrate its GPT technology within Bing search. Google parent Alphabet has unveiled a chatbot internally called Bard AI.

Mixed feedback from Google

Employees and test drivers

ChatGPT's influence and AI tools similar to it have not yet been felt in the American election process. Altman however stated that the 2024 election was a key focus for the company.

The CEO stated to ABC that he was particularly concerned about the possibility of these models being used for disinformation.

He said that models could be used to attack cyberattacks now that they can write computer code.

ChatGPT's programming skills have already impressed many developers. Altman stated that ChatGPT functions as a "copilot" for programmers and OpenAI is working to unlock similar functionality for all professions.

Although the CEO admitted that many employees would be losing their jobs, he said that this would provide an opportunity for them to find a better job.

Altman stated that "we can have a higher quality of life and standard of living." Altman stated that people need to take time to adapt, to adjust, and to become comfortable with this technology.