An old board director at barclays told londons tall court he couldn't see a 280m side agreement that your british bank hit with qatar at the height of 2008 financial meltdown until he was shown it by fraud detectives.

Richard broadbent, who was simply barclays senior non-executive director at that time, had been testifying on monday at a 1.5bn tall legal test where loan provider will be sued for so-called deceit by amanda staveleys pcp. barclays denies the claim.

Pcp, which led a parallel fundraising by abu dhabi inside october 2008 cash telephone call, alleges that barclays and qatar hit two secret part discounts referred to as consultative services agreements in june and october 2008 cash phone calls, which aided the financial institution avoid a british federal government bailout.

Sir richard informed the court he previously been upset which he had not heard of october 2008 asa in which barclays paid 280m in charges to qatar until becoming shown it by the serious fraud workplace in 2014 as part of its research to the qatari fundraising.

James collins qc, barrister for pcp, requested sir richard: you didnt realize the october consultative services arrangement existed before it absolutely was shown to you because of the serious fraud office? sir richard responded: that's true.

Sir richard, who is an old chairman of tesco, stated: it could being preferable if there had been much more transparency around the sums attached to this contract, incorporating the board wasn't offered sufficient possibility to interrogate the commercial view being made.

The sfo introduced fraudulence fees against barclays across 2008 fundraising however they had been dismissed by a judge in 2018. sir richard left the financial institution in 2011.

Sir richard informed the courtroom the 2nd side agreement with qatar did actually have-been regarded in board minutes, but he had perhaps not obtained on it at that time. indeed there appeared to be some mention of the a broader arrangement, he said.

Sir richard in addition said he had been uninformed of information on a 42m fee payable under the very first asa hit with qatar in june 2008. this doesn't strike myself as uncommon, since this amount of information had not been necessary for the board, he stated.

The scenario continues.