With current situation in Europe world investors who used to run business in that area turn their gaze to the opportunities of Latin America.

Low interest rates and stable economic environment from state to state make the countries of Latin America a perfect investment bay. The yields are moderate but the overall economy development tendency in certain countries like Argentina or Peru is very promising. Every economy of the area has its specific features but with deep and profound analysis, certain caution and right asset to invest in the companies can create a good platform for further business expansion.

Real estate market is one of the hottest now. Still it differs from property sector of the US or Europe. Partial ownership is a visit card of the realty sector of Peru. The acquisition of the entire premise may be too expensive. Both foreign and local real estate agents prefer this type of ownership so sometimes it may be difficult purchase an entire unit. The market of Peru is very diverse and can grant an ongoing pipeline of the opportunities.

Rental property is yet not stable and price fluctuations remain to be a problem. The analysts expect that 2021 will calm down the wind and rental prices will finally freeze at certain level.

Taking into account the prevailing tendency Perama Estates LLC also tends to enter the market. In the nearest future the company intends to merge with the local agent to double the capital and increase the overall volume of the available resources. This will also accelerates the process of market entrance of Perama Estates LLC while the expertise and experience of local experts will enhance the performance while dealing with the peculiarities of the Peru market.

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