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A healthy lifestyle can mitigate genetic risk for early death by 62%, study suggests

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A new study suggests that maintaining a healthy lifestyle could help counteract the risk of early death, even for individuals with a genetic predisposition. The study, which included data from over 350,000 people, analyzed the impact of genetics, education, socioeconomic status, disease history, and lifestyle on lifespan. The findings showed that individuals with unhealthy lifestyles were 78% more likely to die prematurely, regardless of genetic risks. However, those with genetic risks and an unhealthy lifestyle had twice the likelihood of early death compared to those with healthier lifestyles. Adhering to a healthy lifestyle could extend the lifespan of individuals with genetic risks by up to 5.5 years. The study identified four factors - no smoking, regular physical activity, sufficient sleep, and a healthy diet - that had the most significant impact on lifespan.