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Here's the way I found support in my journey through grief

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To the Gorge: Running, Grief, and Resilience & 460 Miles on the Pacific Crest Trail

When my mom died, my grief was overwhelming. I tried to hide it from others, but it consumed me. One evening, at a friend’s house, I saw a photo of my friend and her mom. It reminded me of the time my mom visited me in Oregon. I couldn’t hold back the tears and rushed to the bathroom to hide my emotions. This was a coping mechanism I had developed, concealing my grief from others. I realized that society often expects us to grieve in isolation and move on quickly. But I wanted to honor my mom’s spirit, so I decided to run the 460-mile section of the Pacific Crest Trail in Oregon, faster than anyone before. Running became a way for me to process my grief and find solace. It allowed me to let my emotions unravel without judgment or pressure to hide them.