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Is New York City Back? Not for Everyone.

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Nearly four years after the coronavirus pandemic hit, New York City is seeing signs of recovery. The city has experienced record job numbers, with the highest ever recorded as of September. Tourism has rebounded, with 62 million visitors last year. While subway ridership has not fully returned, it has risen to nearly four million on weekdays. The city also saw a significant decrease in the number of murders last year. The positive economic indicators have allowed Mayor Eric Adams to rescind midyear budget cuts. However, the recovery is not uniform across the city. Budget deficits are expected in the coming years, and office building vacancies remain high. Working-class areas are still struggling, with increased poverty rates, high demand for assistance programs, and a housing crunch. Life expectancy is also below pre-pandemic levels. Despite these challenges, New York City’s recovery is crucial for both the local and national economy.