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TikTok creators fear a ban as the House prepares to vote on a bill that could block the app in America

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TikTok Users Protest Bill That Could Lead to App Ban #

Users of popular video-sharing app TikTok are fighting against a proposed bill that could potentially result in a nationwide ban of the app. Ahead of a House vote on the bill, TikTok is urging its users to contact their representatives to voice their opposition. TikTok CEO, Shou Chew, has also been attempting last-minute meetings with members of Congress. The company has sent letters refuting lawmakers’ characterization of their campaign. TikTok argues that a ban would harm the five million businesses that rely on the platform. Users, including popular creators and brands, stress the unique reach and opportunities offered by TikTok’s For You page. Additionally, concerns over xenophobia and racism have been expressed by Asian-Americans who see the anti-TikTok rhetoric as unjustified. Cybersecurity experts note that the national security concerns surrounding TikTok’s user data remain hypothetical. Concerns center around fears that the Chinese government could access and exploit the data. TikTok creators interviewed, however, have not personally encountered any Chinese propaganda on the platform. Furthermore, TikTok users are arguing against a bill that would require the app to find a new owner or risk being banned from US app stores. Creators argue that these strict deadlines would disrupt the organic communities they have built on the platform. They believe that TikTok’s casual and authentic atmosphere, along with its effective recommendation algorithm, make it unique and valuable for community-building. TikTok creators highlight the positive impact the app has had, such as helping people connect, supporting local businesses, and raising awareness about real public issues.