Project Icebreaker: The Beginning Of A One World Digital Currency System?

The BIS, IMF, and central banks will eventually ask the public why there is a need for multiple national CBDCs instead of one global currency.

In the last couple of years, there has been a lot of discussion within alternative media circles regarding the dangers of Central Bank Digital Currencies. These are currencies that are very similar to Bitcoin and blockchain-based products but controlled directly by central bankers. Some analysts, including myself, have written about this threat for over a decade. It's great to see it finally addressed in the mainstream.

CBDCs are a very Orwellian concept. In a cashless world, most people will be dependent on digital goods to exchange labor and goods. This would mean that privacy would disappear in the trade. All transactions, whether you are buying or selling or working for money in your lifetime, would be recorded. This lack of anonymity can be used in the future to limit your freedom.

Say, for example, that you enjoy eating steaks regularly. However, the government, which is becoming increasingly authoritarian, decides to classify red meat as a "climate change" risk due to cows' carbon emissions. Your purchase history, which they can see, shows that you are a more frequent consumer of red meat than the average person. You are told that you have to pay a retroactive tax for past purchases of red beef. You also receive a letter from your insurance company stating that you pose a health risk. They then cut off your coverage.

You can track the products and services that you consume to build a psychological profile of yourself. This could be used as a factor when determining your credit score in China, today. The tracking algorithm may note that you refused to buy an annual mRNA boost shot. You are now suspected of being 'anti vax', and your social score drops. This will cut you off from public places. You may even lose your job.

The worst-case scenario is economic access. Your savings won't be yours if CBDCs are in place, and there is no cash to be found. You will also never have the ability to purchase anything with your own money. Banks would bottleneck the exchange, and governments could freeze the ability to transact. You can be blocked from transferring your digital currency to other people if you openly criticize a government policy on social media.

CBDCs are a powerful tool for officials in the establishment to use algorithmic precision to starve political opponents. It would be the dawn of a new age of technological oppression.

The central banks are working at breakneck speeds to introduce digital currency. These systems are already ready for implementation. It is not an experiment. FedNow, the Federal Reserve's instant-transfer program that will debut in July this year, is not a CBDC. However it is a step toward implementing CBDCs soon.

In my research of the various CBDC programs, and how fast they progressed, I found an interesting program run by Bank for International Settlements. The BIS, for those who are unaware, is a globalist organization with a secretive past. It was known as the "central bank of the central banks." It is the

Policy making hub

Most central banks around the world are BIS members. BIS has the answer to your question about how so many central banks can work together instead of acting for their own countries. The BIS dictates that organizations such as the Federal Reserve do not have to be loyal to Americans, or even to American officials.

The BIS has been at the forefront of the move towards CBDC adoption. The BIS has funded a wide range of projects that test and refine CBDC technologies. As of this year, they estimate at least 81 Central Banks around the world have begun introducing digital currencies systems.

Project Icebreaker caught my eye for several reasons. The BIS describes this project as a clearing house for retail CBDCs, which are digital currencies that businesses and the general public use. This allows the currencies to be quickly and efficiently traded between countries. The 'Icebreaker hub' is a BIS-controlled mechanism that facilitates data transfer for a variety of transactions, while connecting banks with other banks.

After further investigation, I found that the Icebreaker Hub works in theory almost identically to the SWIFT system currently used by international banks and governments. There are more than

Ten Thousand Financial Institutions

SWIFT is used by 212 countries to send money overseas. It's a centralization bottleneck with enormous power for its shareholders.

Referring to the beginning of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia as an example, the expulsion from the SWIFT system was used in an effort to crash the Russian economic. Russia is able to avoid using SWIFT due to its trade relations with countries like China and India. However, some damage was done to the Russian financial system.

But consider this: What if all financial transactions were centralized via CBDCs?

BIS controls the hub

In which retail CBDCs can be exchanged worldwide? Icebreaker is what it is.

Imagine that your business relies on international transactions. Say you have to pay producers in Vietnam or Taiwan for the production of your products. You will be totally dependent, with CBDCs in effect, on a system like the Icebreaker Hub for moving digital money from your bank accounts to Vietnamese banks to the accounts of the manufacturers. Imagine that officials at the BIS decide to not like you for some reason and impose Russian-style sanctions, denying access to the hub. Your business has now died.

What if the BIS set the standards for you to meet before being allowed to use the hub? What if BIS decided that you must meet certain ESG categories in order to be allowed to use Icebreaker transactions? The BIS can now manipulate social and culture trends by using your company and millions of others as forced messengers.

This might not seem like a big issue for the average consumer who does their majority of transactions in their own country. For the business world, however, a SWIFT hub for CBDCs in retail could be used as a way to dominate international trade. To run any larger company or organization would require you to bow down to the BIS.

The worst is yet to come

Icebreaker Hub uses a "bridge currency" to help fill in the gaps between exchange rates and liquidity. This may seem like a clever solution to avoid currency shortages in banks. This is why I would like readers to consider the long-term impact of this type of 'bridging,' in the world of CBDCs.

Imagine that there is an economic crisis on a global level, causing many currencies to fluctuate violently. Imagine, for instance, that the US Dollar loses its status as a world reserve currency and a petrostatus, and this causes FX (foreign-exchange) markets to panic. As a result, price inflation is rampant and banks are unable to cope with the liquidity squeeze. Imagine that central banks introduce CBDCs to solve the problem and BIS Icebreaker Hubs as an intermediary for international trading. The public is so scared by the economic collapse that they embrace the digital framework. Let's say the BIS says they can't find any currency that they consider stable enough for most global transactions. What then?

The BIS and IMF are working together to help us all.


This one-world currency, in the case of IMF would be based on the Special Drawing Rights Basket System they use to broker currency transfers among national governments. The BIS uses this product of one-world currency as the bridge for Ice Breaker moving forward.

The BIS, IMF, and other central banks will eventually ask the public: "Why bother with these national currency swaps when we already have a perfect bridge currency in the shape of this CBDC one-world? Why don't you just eliminate all of these unnecessary national CBDCs, and create one global currency?

So, global financial centralization is achieved. Why have nations if you have a single world currency, a global economy that is completely centralized, micro-managed, and controlled by a small group of faceless bureaucracies? The next step would be global government.

When I look at Icebreaker, I can clearly see how the nightmare will unfold. These seemingly innocent projects are the DNA that gives birth to economic tyranny.