The online streaming solution quibi is shutting straight down only half a year after starting, in accordance with individuals acquainted the matter, taking an end to jeffrey katzenbergs $1.8bn wager on short-form movie.

Developed by the disney veteran and meg whitman, former chief executive of hewlett-packard, quibi had were able to boost billions from biggest brands in hollywood utilizing the idea of selling quick-bites of slickly produced entertainment to millennials on the road.

However the well-funded start-up quickly devolved into an expensive failure in the industry-wide streaming struggle, given that biggest groups in hollywood and silicon valley compete against netflix for future years of activity.

Ms whitman said in a declaration: although we have enough money to carry on operating for an important time frame, we made the hard decision to wind along the company, return money to our shareholders, and bid farewell to our skilled colleagues with grace.

Quibi was likely to return to investors the remaining $350m for the $1.75bn it had raised, said men and women knowledgeable about the matter.

That money had originate from investors including alibaba, disney, viacom, most of the big hollywood studios, liberty global, goldman sachs, jpmorgan and also the walton family members, the creators of walmart.

Quibi invested vast sums of dollars to enlist top-tier directors including steven spielberg, and celebrities such as lebron james and chrissy teigen, to help make programs for its software, guaranteeing movie-quality scripted shows and documentaries, everyday news and sports. the service was free for 90 days, before billing $8 30 days, or $5 four weeks with commercials.

Investors had wished quibi could secure about 20m customers over five years and generate $2bn in income, with roughly a third from marketing.

But by the time quibi debuted in april, the coronavirus had put an end to the commutes and coffee shop lines that its quick bite content ended up being made for. in-may, mr katzenberg, president of dreamworks, stated: we attribute whatever has gone incorrect to coronavirus.

The company struggled to persuade visitors to buy the software. mr katzenberg in current weeks seemed out potential buyers, but ended up being struggling to hit a deal, said men and women knowledgeable about the problem.

Quibi had experienced significant scepticism before its arrival. analysts asked how mr katzenberg and ms whitman, elderly 69 and 64 respectively, could operate a trailblazing short-form cellular video clip start-up for teenagers, or whether people would pay it off amid a-sea of online streaming subscriptions.

But the majority of in hollywood was wary of gambling against mr katzenberg, that has built a track record of their tenacity and success at disney and dreamworks. no person can say no to jeffrey, said one quibi trader. he does not enable you to say no.