Review: 2023 Kia EV6 GT vs Tesla Model Y Performance

growth of the EV market. Electric car sales are increasing as more models become available to consumers.

Review: 2023 Kia EV6 GT vs Tesla Model Y Performance

This photo, provided by Kia shows their 03 Kia EV6 GT performance variant, an all-electric compact SUV. Credit: Courtesy Kia America via AP

Electric car sales are accelerating as consumers' interest in EVs increases and a constant stream of new models fills different niches. These vehicles combine the agility and acceleration of a sportscar with the package of an electric SUV. These vehicles are also practical thanks to their spacious second rows and long list of tech features. Edmunds' automotive experts put these performance-oriented EVs through their paces to see which one is the best buy.

Tesla Model Y Performance is a name that gives a hint of what to expect. Models

Tesla does not provide official horsepower numbers for the Model Y, but the output is undoubtedly prodigious. The all-wheel drive Model Y Performance took only 3.7 second to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph on Edmunds' test track. This is fast even for a sports car. The Model Y can cover the quarter-mile in.8 secs if you keep your foot on the pedal.

The EV6 GT all-wheel drive boasts 576 horsepower. It is the most powerful vehicle produced by South Korean automaker. The EV6 GT is slightly faster than the Tesla, 0-60 mph takes 3.6 seconds. And the quarter-mile only.7. But these two SUVs satisfy the same need for speed.

Winner: tie


When the road becomes bumpy, there are some important differences. Model Y is responsive and precise, while the Tesla ride gets jittery and rough over uneven pavement. It can be tiring on long trips. The EV6 GT, on the other hand, rides more smoothly. The EV6 GT has more supportive and comfortable front seats than the Model Y.

Winner: EV6


It's close in terms of performance, but not when it comes to driving range. Model Y Performance is estimated to go 303 miles per charge by the EPA. The EV6 GT has a paltry 06 miles. Edmunds' own independent tests on range found that the Model Y has a slight advantage in real-world driving. The Model Y is more attractive for long-distance driving thanks to its access to Tesla's extensive Supercharger network.

Winner: Model Y

Edmunds provided this photo of the 2003 Tesla Model Y Performance. This compact SUV has acceleration that rivals many dedicated sports cars. Credit: Rex Tokeshi-Torres/Edmunds via AP


Depending on how you look at it, the Tesla Model Y's cabin can either be viewed as a futuristic marvel or as a jarringly austere space. The 5-inch touchscreen located in the middle of the dashboard is used to control almost all vehicle functions. The icons have large, sharp graphics but relying too much on touch controls may be distracting. The system is also not compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity.

Kia chose a less-advanced interior but with a more intuitive layout, a.3-inch touch screen and standard smartphone connectivity. The Model Y's interior is more avant-garde, but based upon our tests, the Kia's is the most appealing. It's the same with advanced driver assistance. Tesla has more unique features such as hands-free driving and vehicle summoning, but we prefer to use the EV6 GT’s everyday aids.

Pricing and Value

Both SUVs are equipped with almost every comfort feature. The Model Y has nearly 0 cubic foot more cargo space behind its rear seats than the EV6GT, making it more useful. The Tesla Model Y Performance's starting price is $55,880 including destination, thanks to price cuts earlier in the year. Kia EV6 GT's base price is $6,95. Model Y is also eligible for a $7.500 federal tax credit. Kia compensates by offering $7500 off EV6 leases for qualified lessees. Kia offers a longer warranty, but the Model Y Performance is significantly cheaper.

Winner: Model Y

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