REVISED: 2023 Stock Market Outlook

In his analysis of what lies ahead for investors in 2023, Steve Reitmeister shares his insights on what to expect in the coming year. He predicts a return of volatility in the markets, as well as an overall positive outlook for the year.

REVISED: 2023 Stock Market Outlook

Steve Reitmeister, a 40-year investment veteran, shares his most comprehensive and current analysis of the future for investors in 2023. The bear market is back with the S&P 500, SPY making new lows. Investors who are able to time it correctly will see a new bull market emerge just as the worst is over. Steve shares his trading strategy and top 7 picks for profiting on the way towards a bear market bottom. He then shares his plan to buy the market bottom, along with top picks that will rally 100%+. Read the whole story.

My original December market outlook is no longer valid. These past months have seen a lot of changes.

We have to consider the implications of a possible banking crisis on stock prices.

I recorded a new presentation this week, which you should see before placing your next trade.

Okay, let's open the curtains a bit more on the main contents.

Plus, Much More

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SPY shares. SPY shares have risen 3.58% year-to-date compared to a % increase in the benchmark S&P 500 index over the same period.

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