The australian dream chronicles the struggles of adam goodes, an aboriginal australian footballer, against postcolonial discrimination. rio tintos chief executive jean-sbastien jacques might have missed the release of the movie just last year. their resignation provides him an opportunity to catch up with a reason re-energised in australia by the worldwide ebony life situation campaign.

Mr jacques is making rio after a devastating mistake, the destruction of two 46,000-year-old aboriginal rock shelters in west australian continent. though he takes the blame, a vacillating response by the anglo-australian miners chairman has put the entire organization to shame.

A board-led investigation in to the destruction of a sacred website in may effectively exonerated everyone except rio it self. reports in the significance of juukan gorge existed and had been ignored or simply missed by senior management.

The company had previously negotiated native title agreements with all the puutu kunti kurrama and pinikura individuals, providing it legal rights to mine the location. but that came before archaeologists found important artefacts. after this, rio a victim of the committed reasoning didn't abandon development.

Attempts to atone by the mining group had been misguided and belated. yes, bonuses of senior figures including mr jacques were slashed by 4m final month. but the very work of putting a monetary worth on irreplaceable native history made issues worse. chairman simon thompson after that threw his board a hospital pass a couple of weeks ago as he insisted rio had no objective of getting rid of mr jacques.

The destruction of this stone shelters was a rare mis-step by mr jacques. investors cannot fault the return on their financial investment during their management of over four years. rios share price features outpaced the ftse world mining list by an extensive margin. a sizable amount of this return emerged via the miners abundant dividends.

A huge bull run for iron-ore which touched six-and-a-half year highs recently at $126 per tonne made mr jacques work less complicated. even so, rios return on invested capital averaged 14 per cent during their tenure, a number of portion things in front of rivals bhp and vale, in accordance with bloomberg data.

Mr jacques nascent legacy happens to be obliterated by the dynamiting of juukan gorge, along with the stone shelters themselves. laws to protect remaining websites will tighten up. mining bosses will tread more warily. mine development are going to be slow. when you look at the plan of things 46,000 many years and counting that make very little difference.